Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When I was young.....long ago

I can still recall the smell of my mum....that wonderful sweet smell of hers. She was the best cook I can ever think of. A very fast thinker and always have a way out to any problems. She was such a smart lady. She was so beautiful even though she bore eleven children ..mind you!!

She was a full time housewife and because there were too many of us ( I mean my siblings and I), my mother had to make kuih like currypuffs, kuih kasturi, pau goreng, kuih kasui and even cook nasi lemak, fried rice and noodles. You just named it, we've got it all. When and how did she prepare such many items? Well, my sibblings and I will help her prepared everything. Each and everyone of us will have to do our duty. My mum will mix the flour and turned it into a dough. One will roll the dough into certain thickness, another will punch in the shape from a coffee pot cover (which is round)...hahaha that was fun , another will put in the sweet potato which was cook with curry mixture and another will start shaping the curypuffs..this process will take the whole evening. Same goes with the other kuihs. We sold the cakes at the nearby coffee shop and some we (my siblings and I) will have to take a basket each and sell to our friends in school. We had to do it even though it was against the rules in order to survive. School fees need to be paid, we needed money to buy text books and everything. It was a hard labour but that is life for us. The more we managed to sell, the more bonus we were paid. I was a tomboy when I was in my primary. Guess what I did? I will foce my friends to buy my ckes and nasi lemak....hahahha! Well it worked! They bought and ate. Should I heard any complaints, I will scold them.....hahahha. I enjoyed every second of it and missing it till now. How I wish we can turn back the time. Those were my salad days.
Everytime when I think about my past, I know that I miss my mum very much. She passed away a few years ago. I hope I have been a good daughter to her. To me, my mum is not only a mother but she was my everything that I can think of. I hope Allah grant her with all the goodness where ever she is now. Al Fatihah.....

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