Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling much something good

It's been a week I was pinned in bed, doing nothing . Just blinking away. That's what happen when we are ill. The mind and the body refuse to tag along together like they usually do. Mind says something else but the body disagree. So we feel restless and with the help of the cough syrup and flu medicine, we tend to sleep all the time.
But now, as for today onwards, even with the little coughs, I dragged myself out of the bed, into the shower and a friend drove me to attend our Religious Class. This is something that I just don't want to miss if possible because the Ustaz who teaches us is full of humour, good voice and the way he present his lesson is easily followed by all. His Arabic is very fluent and sometimes he even sing! I was a teacher before and to me his way of teaching is good and effective. We, the students don't feel the stress at all even though sometimes what he said might struck you in your heart...well we are human. We did something wrong and he happened to be there to remind us. Mind you there were about 300 people of different ages at one sitting.
My friends and I attended 3 different classes from 3 different Ustaz. It helps us to remind ourselves of the dos and donts. No doubt we already knew but sometimes one tend to forget. Every Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10.45 and lasted for an hour only. It's fun and what more if you attend with your friends. Never say that we are too old to learn. There is no limit in age when education is concern. May it be used for now or hereafter. .I hope to be a better student in future. At least for today I did something good for myself.


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  2. paksu, kite pun dah ada semua angkara pak su ok