Sunday, April 26, 2009


Rasa bersalah, rasa sedih dan rasa bodoh bercmpur baur dalam diri aku hari ini. Semuanya kerana masalah communication breakdown. Tiga hari lepas I wrote something about my biras's(Haajjah Jamilah) father passed away. I even visited the family and attended the funeral. When I read the comments from my blog, my other biras(Haji Nazeri) told me that he only knew about the news after everything was done and another biras(Hajjah Noraini) of mine who is staying in Kuala Kubu Bahru knew about it after she read my blog...I feel so bad. I was one of the earliest to get the news and did not even call the others regarding the matter because I took for granted they were called too. I was wrong.
Mulai dari sekarang aku bertekad untuk menjadi radio Malaya by telling and informing the others of any information I got. To all my biras, sorry from the bottom of my heart and thanks for reading my blogs. Really appreciate it alot.

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