Tuesday, April 7, 2009


7/3/09, I wrote something about the Holy Land. Allah makbulkn doaku. Maha Besar Allah. Syukur kepadaNya yang telah menjemput aku dan suami ke rumahNyadi Tanah Suci.
we flew with Saudi Air. It was a comfortable flight with well verse English speaking stewardess. It made us feel good inside knowing that any questions asked can be answered!!Hahahaha. The flight was delayed for an hour or so but it's ok because we were at KLIA...home ground!
We arrived at Saudi Air Airport around 7.30pm. The airport looks new and very modern. I like!
after Maghrib n Isyaq prayers, we set off to Madinah by bus. We rode for 6 hours an slept the whole journey! Penat giler. Age plays and important role when travelling is concerned. Mind you.
3.30am we arrived at Bahauddin Hotel which was situated around 150m away from the mosque. what a relief! a very clean and good hotel. What's most important is that they have free wi fi! Easy n cheap way to getconnected with friends n families.
Amazingly, there were many people in the mosque. after breakfast we visited The Raudah. Visiting timefor ladies are from 7am to 11am, after Zohor until 2pm and after Isyaq until 10pm. It used to be only fro 2 hours only but things are getting better and more systematic. Alhamdulillah.
Spent most of my time reciting Al Quran in the mosque. Now I can hardly open my eyes and my mind are getting numb. So good nite averyone.
Salam from Madinah al Munawarah.....

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