Monday, May 4, 2009

A family Dinner

Each and everyone of us have lots of special days to celebrate with friends and families..may it be birthdays, weddings, baby shower, engagements and so on. To me, today is one of my special 48th birthday. To some it's just another day but to me birthdays are special. Why is it so? Well for once you know that the numbers are gaining, you get wiser, hope to make less mistakes, hope to achieve more goals and hope to live another hundred years which I doubt! hahahaha. I love the birthday wishes from everybody and hope all will come through..Insyaallah.. I just love the attention given to me on this very day. Makes me feel important! That shows I'm human....hahahahha.

My daughter invited my husband and I to a dinner. We left home at 8pm and I was ready much earlier. I do not know where the venue was, so we had to convoy! I drove my Mini and somehow rather we missed the leader! Alamak! Makcik paniklah. So my daughter told us of the route to the venue through our teleconversation. Well, we made it! Alhamdulillah.

The restaurant served BBQ dish, cheap, affordable, big serving, SEDAP and very good service. It's in Damansara Perdana. You must not miss their dessert...YUMMY...Bread butter pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with home made strawberry jam topping! I longed for this tasty pudding...lama teringin, rezeki malam ni dapat merasa. Syukur pada Illahi.

When I said it's cheap, I meant CHEAP! browse through the net and look for pannaz. You won't miss it. To my daughter Hana and my son in law Asim plus my little star...cucuku Ammar yang montel tuuu....thanks for the wonderful dinner. I enjoyed it very much. Mak berdoa semoga kamu sekeluarga berbahagia selamanya dan sentiasa di lindungi Allah. Semoga rezeki kamu murah wahai anak-anakku. Love you always. Ayah said tomorrow will be his birthday... mengikut tahun Hijrah pulak...hahahaha.

To make my birthday dinner complete, I managed to speak to my son Azman(he's in MEL) who was in the midst of finishing his 3000 words thesis which is to be ready and hand over tomorrow. To make things worst, there was a blackout. Lucky him he managed to safe his work using battery power. Aku berdoa semoga anak-anakku berjaya dalam pendidikan dunia akhirat mereka dan di murahkanlah rezeki serta diberi kelapanagan hidup selamanya. Semoga mereka diberi kesihatan yang baik dan mendapat jodoh yang baik. Jadikanlah mereka keluarga yang soleh. Aminnn.

Lengkaplah malamku. Tidurku dibuai mimpi indah menggambarkan keluarga bahagiaku. Alhamdulillah.


  1. First of all now i know dari mana i love the attention. It from YOU! hahahaa...we are such a attention seeker yarr. Anyway both of us actuallt wanted to do a huge event for you but finally we decided nak buat kita kita je sbb dah lama tak dinner sama sama kan. Nothing much to compare what Mak did to us. Alhamdulillah rezeki lebih kami kongsi bersama.

  2. tak salah kalau suka attention sesekali. Tapi kalau selalu...itusudah kes pilu. oooooo sesekali tu memang bestkan. hehhehehhe. reallly, thanks from the bottom of my heart to you and family.

  3. oh tambah kes pasal Angah ek..
    sian angah ek...rindu plak macha tu..