Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fruits power!

I was looking at my hands this afternoon when I was driving our Mini from a wedding in Batang Kali Selangor with my husband. As I was talking, my hands were on the steering wheel and with the bright light shone directly to me , I realized that my skin is very dry. Very dry indeed. Actually I am not frighten but I just don't like the look of it. I have to do something. Tak suka, tak suka. tak suka.....

I told my husband about it and he told me that he did read about how to overcome dry skin problem. I thought he was pulling my legs which he normally does whenever I ask any opinion from him. He's such a funny guy and he can say something illogical but with a blank face . So I didn't take it very seriously. But when we arrived home, he showed me a note in a company's magazine which he read and was talking about!!Wow! He was telling me the truth! Terkena aku kali ni! Hahahahaha.

Let me share with you. It's all about fruits and vegetables. Just take ORANGE plus GINGER plus CUCUMBER. Blend together with some fluid. Drink everyday and see the difference. This juice will help people with dry skin and those with hot flushes.

To avoid Cancer and to bring down your Cholestrol level just try blending GREEN APPLE plus CUCUMBER plus CELERY STICK and of cause to make juice you have to add fluid. This juice can help you to ease your headache and stomach upset.

Untuk mencantikkan kulit dan melancarkan pernafasan, blend TOMATO plus CARROT plus GREEN APPLE.

Untuk menaikkan semangat dan mencuci sistem dalaman badan, blend CARROT plus GINGER plus GREEN APPLE.

I haven't tried mine. Will have to start tomorrow morning. I hope it will work on me and on you too. No harm done. We are dealing with fruits and vegetables only!

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