Friday, May 1, 2009

In the arms of my loved ones......

No matter where you go, no matter how you enjoyed your trip, home is where your heart and true love is!!!Well, that's me you know. I did enjoy my last outing oversea with my friends, enjoyed the company, the jokes we shared, the laughter and so on but deep inside me, I still miss my other half. Wish he was with me all the while. I can bet all my friends felt the same. Well, that is normal to us human beings.
Upon arrival, everyone were so excited to meet their love ones.... Me too! DF's hubby was first in sight. Then NK's driver came. HT went with her. DCM was greeted by her husband and daughter. DCM is still not fully well after the hospital trip in BDO. She looked weak, pale and tired. May she gets well soonest because she's going for Umrah end of this month. Insyaallah. As for me, my family had to stop by at Dengkil R & R to perform their Maghrib solah. They were trapped in a traffic jam earlier so time was running out. How very sweet of DF and hubby to accompany until the arrival of my family. The moment I saw my husband walking towards me, my heart felt lifted, happy and in love again!!!!I missed him so much. Then came my daughter's family and I quickly snatched and hugged my grandson Ammar with all my heart. That is why , once a while we need to get away from our family so by missing each other, our love grows deeper. Try it and you'll know what I mean!
DF and her husband promised to meet us for Sate Hj Samuri at Dengkil R & R. After setting my prayers, we went for our Sate. YUMMY!!!!Home ground, home food, familiar environment and love ones around me....what more can I ask? I just love my beautiful life!!!! Thank you Allah.


  1. Very-very touching..You are really very good with your words,dear Datin Lee... Just by reading your notes,you make my tears rolling down,semakin Kakteh baca,semakin laju turunnya...I'm really happy to hear your life for me,we're in the same boat..walaupun kami tak semewah you all..but I'm really happy with my life too... just hoping that kegembiraan kita ini will last forever...I'm missing my eldest son soooo very much....

  2. like wise kak teh.....kawan-kawan di mpkt juga sahabat karib pilihanku.