Friday, June 12, 2009

Going places.....Xiamen, China (Listen to the earth)

Bumi ini amat luas. Well, we already knew that but what I meant is differently. In our religion, we were asked to travel throughout the world and see places. When we travel, there are so many new things like the weather, views, way of life, costume, behaviour, culture and what not that will always amaze us but to them that is life. But as Muslim, the challenge is even greater like the time for solahs, food preparations ( is it properly slaughtered and the cleanliness), the kiblah but all those are not problems if we are well prepared!

It amazed me to see how the Chinese in China appreciate the earth by planting fruit trees and vegetables around their house ( I saw that in Xiamen when I visited a 700 years old kampong of my friend’s ancestors). I was amazed to see how they live. With the crystal clear stream flowing by their house…! It’s. important to them because they take the water for daily needs and to water the plants. So no throwing rubbish into the stream! They don’t even have to boil the water to drink. That’s how clean the water is! Amazing. Masyaallah!!

Furthermore, I was amazed to see how they live. They will have a house with a big courtyard and walled. In it, they will live together of different generations. When the son of the family got married, they will have additional helping hand from the daughter in law for she has to move in with the husband’s family. They will stay together until the end of their life. Then they multiply. So, you can imagine how live and work together right from grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren…all under one roof with their favourite dog of cause. Their way of thinking is so simple and it goes down from generation to generation. Be good to the earth and it will bore all the goodness to you.

So to us tourists, when we travel to the other parts of the world which is so different from ours, everything we saw amazed us but to them, that is their way of life. So will they when they visit our country. That is why, we are asked to travel, see the wide world with so many things that will amazed us and be thankful and greatful to Allah the Almighty who has given us life full of surprises. Alhamdulillah….Ask ourself, what have we done to our earth. Did we treat it well or not. Just look at what happen around us. Landslides, flash flood, collaspsing of buidings and highways...the earth is telling us something. Do listen....

Well, that reminds me of my sekangkang kera kebun sayur behind my house. Need to do some trimming and add in more soil and fertilizer. Happy to say that I planted daun kaduk, tumeric, belimbing buloh, limau kasturi, banana tree, ciku, daun kesum and pandan for my own consumption. Just enough for the family and some for my neighbours. It’s amazing when we can eat from what we planted. So, be nice to the earth. Treat it well and it will give you back fresh food!!!!

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