Friday, August 14, 2009

Really don't understand...

Have you ever get angry and fedup with phone calls from people whom you don't know? Well, I do! Once in a while if you dialed a wrong number is acceptable but if you tend to make mistakes three time daily, that is ridiculous!

Sometimes when I'm in a good mood, I will answer the calls with a very good tone. I will tell the caller that he/she has got the wrong person. They will ask names like "Wahab" and so on. But when I'm not myself, I will just tell them off by saying "Wahab" is dead! That statement made me feel guilty but to whom?? I give up!

Lately, some youngsters and even small children has been dialing my number and just scream and shout right out loud! Sometimes they just call and kept silence. I have all the numbers but I couldn't care less to call back. Buat habis duit aku aje...lantaklah. The minute that number rang, I answered and kept silence. Yang bayarnya dia bukan aku! Padan muka!

I have been using the same number since day one . That was far back in 1992. I never change my number because it's so unique and beautiful. Anybody can fall in love with this number and I think because of it's uniqueness that made people kept on calling..but for what? I really don't understand!

For you guys whose children are keen on playing with your handphones, beware... because my number could be one of those in your bills. Who knows! Good luck to us..