Saturday, May 1, 2010

At last...a time for myself. me and I..

After a week of examination, my daugter took her family back to the North for a week holiday! I know that I will be missing the little one alot but I just had to let go...Actually it's time for me to catch up with my house chores which was put aside for quite sometime.
It started with my kitchen plumbing problem. The water pressure is not as strong as it used to be and the water from the sink refused to flow properly. What happened do you think? My whole kitchen was flooded! That's the best time to clean the kitchen. Blessing and disguise right.... but my body ached the whole night and to make things more interesting, some guests came and stayed a night at my place. Seven of them.....what a coincidence!! Lucky me, all the children helped me clean the mess!!
Tomorrow will be a new day. The plumber will come to help me with the plumbing Hope he can solve the problem soonest possible! Then, Encik Jamal will come to spray pesticide as he does every two months. So, it will be a full and busy day for me.He was to spray last Sunday but I forgot completely about the appointment ! Hope he is not angry!
Nomatter how busy I am, I stoill have time to think about my grandson A'mmar. Hope he enjoys his family holidays back to the north. Meeting with his grandparents of his father's side will make him happier because he'll be the center of attraction...I can imagine his naughty face and his robnot like walking! Hahahahahha......everybody loves A'mmar.

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