Thursday, January 5, 2012

The destinations!!! (Honeymoon again!!!)

MAS decided to stop some of the popular saddened me alot. To me, flying abroad meaning flying Malaysia Airlines. No other airlines can match ours. I have flewn quite a number of others but MAS is beyond compared. The crew are so nice and friendly. Look is something else but how you handle the passengers counts. I will miss MAS to those said destinations! But I believe, there's always a reason or reasons behind it. All the BEST to MAS.

Due to that reason, MAS made a wonderful offer to Buenos Aires and Capetown! Wooooohoooooooooo!!!!
Two of my most favourite destinations! MAS offered RM10,070.00 for 10 days to both cities inclusive of the airfare, hotels, meals, touring plus guides! So cheap!

I have been to Capetown and just love it very much. They have everything from history to nature and not forgetting the wild life..! Furthermore, Halal Food is not a problem there. Thanks to the Cape Malays. Buenos Aires, Argentina? My first time and am so excited about it.

My husband and I with another two couples will be leaving on the 22nd of January 2012....very soon!!! Hope to capture loads of photographs and not to worry, I will update my journey.

Maybe after this, before my daughter give birth, we plan to go to Guilin, China. Maybe for my husband's birthday present!!! Thought of taking a break before the hard work due to the arrival of the new addition in the family. Insyaallah. But before that, our next nearest destination is Ujung Pandang or known now as Makasar...the land of the BUgis in SUlawesi. Also our first time! many places to visit, so many new people to meet, so many picturesques views to capture but too little RM to spend! hahahahahahha. Wish me luck people!!!

On New Year Eve, my husband sent me few quotes by some other people or oraganisations. Here goes!

1..."Nothing is Impossible" ......Toyota
2..."Impossible is Nothing".......,Adidas
3..."People said that nothing is impossible, BUT I do nothing every day".....Winnie the Pooh

So both of us are pensioners ! We have nothng to do BUT it is not impossible!!! hahahhahahahahha.

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