Sunday, June 17, 2012

When the time come.....

When the time come....people change! Usually , as you grow older, your age gain, you become wiser in thoughts and in actions. Well, that is the way it should be! But we cannot deny of our slow reflex and forgetfulness....our fast heating temper is another thing! hahahha!

When I was much younger, very much younger, I woredk hard . I  do things as I wished and always make sure of the BEST result!. Satisfied when I succeed and tried again when I failed. No such things as frustrated....nope! Not me! I am blessed with that strong mind. All I wanted to do is to move forward! Well, that was the former me and Still is...only my movements are slower!

I used to joke around with my husband of how we both will be when we grow old. Physically and Mentally! He told me that, if you read , your mind will always do lots of thinking and you will always stay alert and that makes you stay younger! I cannot agree more!

But age will always win. No matter how hard we tried to stay younger, to stay alert and what not, age will take its toll. Both my husband and I starts forgetting simple little things like where we put our glasses eventhough we are putting it on , car keys and so on. Sometimes we forget time or miss some important dates. Oh dear! Twice we left our house keys hanging on the door! My oh my! This is frightening but that is life. Learn to accept. So, we have to keep on reminding one another but even that we sometimes forget! hahahahahha.  But we believe that for as long as we have each other, we will be alright...Insyaallah.

Alhamdulillah both my children are staying nearby and I have a wonderful set of good neighbours who are so concern about each other. My husband and I can really rely on them about anything, anytime of the day twenty four seven! Furthermore , now that we have two grandchildren and with them around , it add colours to our life!  they give us joy and hope. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

With families, friends, health and wealth......, we are not afraid to grow old and we hope to do it gracefully! May we stick by one another and love one another until the end of our life. May Allah grant us with the BEST of health Physically, Mentally and Psychologically!   Insyaallah!