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Aidiladha 1434H di Lembah Temir

My garden
Sitting in my garden, painting......  with the sounds of the birds chirping and the sounds of the water flowing from my fish pond, reminds me of my childhood. Oh yes.... that life that I missed so much.  That was 40 years ago.

Last two weeks, a day after Aidiladha on the 10th of Zulhijjah 1434H,  for the third time my husband and I visited Lembah Temir Eco Resort by invitation. This time we spent a night there. This place brings back memories. The jungle, the trees, the creapers and the magnificient water fall and most of all the hospitality...... SUPERB!!

The owner, CDS went to the same school as my husband....Sekolah Alam Shah. For the second time, Lembah Temir conducted the Qurban for the oldboys starting 2012.  This year they slaughtered 3 cows. Such a very nice man he is, CDS invited his ex-classmates for this purpose.  Many turned up. It is nice to see all of them working together as a team in managing the Qurban. Dr MIM and Dr Mokhtar slaughtered the cows and the others did what they are best at. Some cut and divided the beef, some cut the bones while some are good at taking photographs but not to forget some just need to be there to enlightened the moment with good funny or naughty jokes. everyone of them played their part well. Alhamdulillah.

The get together with the magnificient environment of the jungle, a water fall and a pond full of Ikan Kelah, brought back the yesterday into their minds. After completing the Qurban, they jumped into the water and forgot completely about their 6th series age! They behaved like young boys, laughing and teasing each other. How lucky they all are to have such a very good friend who is willing to share his wealth.

Lembah Temir  Eco Resort stands on a 68 acres piece of land with palm  trees, rubber trees and fruit orchards solely own by CDS and family.  We were told that they have 1,500 durian trees and is expected to bear fruits in December!  Yaba dabadoooooo..... 

Lembah Temir Eco Resort.
As promised, on the morning of 16th October 2013,  we departed from our kampung in Ulu Bernam to Lembah Temir. My sister-in-law came along with us. The last time we visted LTER was on the 11th May 2010.  But after 3 years, so many progress have taken place. More chalets were built and this time, my family and I were given chalet No. 9,  the nearest to the water fall!  Thank you very much!

The last visit in 2010. 

Kak Wan entertaining her guests upon arrival.

Renovation of the main house is still in progress.  

Dimy enjoying his first taste of the falls.

Kami mengambil peluang menjalankan ibadah solat Maghrib dan Isyak secara berjemaah. Imam solat Maghrib ialah Tuan Haji Ahmad  Maher dan solat Isyak diimamkan oleh Dr MIM.  

The slaughterers!

Hari penyembelihan 17hb Oktober 2013 bersamaan 11 Zulhijjah 1434H.. Segalanya berjalan dengan baik dan teratur. Alhamdulillah.  Tiga ekor lembu dikurbankan. Dr MIM dan Dr Mokhtar yang menyembelih dan yang lain melapah dan memotong . So everybody, please meet the butchers!

CDS aka Mat Rempit LTER ( a name given by his children)

So good looking!

CDS juniors.

Mission accomplished!

Lembah Temir Eco Resort comes in a full package..... beautiful environment, warm hospitality and most of all tasteful food! Yummeyh! We all should give a bow to the Chef, no other than CDS's wife herself...Kak Wan. Everybody enjoyed the food alot with the taste and flavour from Kelate! The best cook ever!

Meet the Chef.... Kak Wan.

Nasi Kerabu Kelate.....

Nasi Berlauk
Kuah Durian dan Pulut

Everybody enjoying their food.
They built different types of chalets but they are the most comfortable chalets with a high class taste. Trust me when I said high class. The tiles, the bed n linens and even the bathrooms and toilets bowls are of the best quality! I give them full marks for that!

The stream flowing underneath one of the chalets.

Wild Kelah swims freely in the pond at the main building.

Chalet No. 9. 
Tempat rehat bawah chalet No.9.


When old boys get together, the next best thing for them is to bring along their spouses. And the ultimate is when the ladies can click together as one. Alhamdulillah, all of the spouses and children  got along very well.  Those who came were Puan Radziyah aka Yah, Hajah Kamariah aka Kay, Hajah Hanimah, Hajjah Wan (taukey maaaa), Dr Noraini, Datin Fatimah and Lailee. Belum ramai tapi cukup gamat. Some even came with their children and grandchildren. Semoga ramai lagi yang dapat datang bagi memeriahkan lagi keadaan. 

The spouses enjoying the falls when the
 men were busy butchering!

Keindahan  persekitaran Lembah Temir Eco Resort ciptaan Allah  telah terpahat di jiwa kami.  MasyaAllah....... indahnya duniaMu! Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada  CDS  dan keluarga yang sudi menerima kehadiran kami dan melayan kami lebih dari 6 star resort!!!  The best hospitality indeed. Samalah kita berdoa agar ada jemputan lagi dari CDS untuk kita semua. hehehehhe...... musim buah-buahan khasnya DURIAN!

Setelah selesai menjalankan tanggungjawab ibadah Kurban, agenda seterusnya ialah berendam di air terjun Lembah Temir......... jom jadi budak-budak!   Masa untuk mandi dan membersihkan diri selepas bekerja keras sepanjang pagi. Look at them enjoying themselves.

Bayangkanlah 6th series yang berkawan sejak berumur remaja. Jelas keakraban mereka, terpancar keikhlasan dan terserlah kebahagiaan diwajah mereka. Alhamdulillah.

Masa untuk pulang. Segala yang bermula pasti ada penghujungnya. Kenangan bersama teman persekolahan selama semalam di Lembah Temir Eco Resort akan sentiasa membuat kami tersenyum sendirian....... Once more, we thanked the host for the warm hospitality and for the best food served. Finger licking good!

Psssst..... if you ever get lost to go to Lembah Temir Eco Resort, just follow this map. InsyaAllah you will not get lost. All you need to remember is to take right after Bentong towards Mempaga. From there onwards, you will see many small sign boards of Lembah Temir.  From highways, to small kampung road and to off road. You will be OK!  No worries....... but my advise is please do not drive a small car  because of the terrains with unexpected big holes and puddles!  4WD is the best should you own one. Good luck.  

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