Friday, November 22, 2013

A tragic love song,,,,,,

While listening to this magnificient singer, Mayumi Itsuwa singing her hit song Koibito Yo (My dear love), please read the following story which I translated from the song lyrics.  The feelings and emotions expressed in the song made this song a number one hit  in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong in the 80's. 

In early 80's, my husband visited Japan on business. He had lots of trouble memorizing the wordings of this song. In a gathering , some representatives from Malaysia  were asked to perform some songs.  So, my husband took the challenged and sang with full confidence.  Unfortunately, the Japanese did not understand a word! Hahahahahhaha...... but the melody was there!
         Once upon a time, somewhere in Japan, a young girl awaits. Under the drizzling rain, and seated on a broken chair in a park waiting.  The pebbles jogging path were glittering under the rain.....This was the place where a love began.

          The autumn leaves were falling. It was on the branches in Spring and Summer. But now , the trunks and branches are almost visible. Gone were the leaves....... all gone. It shows that winter is coming soon.

          With eyes closed, tears flowing down her cheeks, Mitsu was hoping that that the weather will stay sunny and bright... as bright and as light as her heart so in love. But as she opened her eyes, Mitsu realized that it was not a dream at all. This was reality!

          Gone were the love songs... all what was left was only memories which hurt  her so much. Mitsu was hoping that he will come back to her in open arms. With laughter and twinkling eyes and telling her that it was only a joke....... but it was not. It was a tragic! She cried again but was lucky that nobody realised  it because it was raining.  

         Then suddenly, a male jogger passed by and saw Mitsu sitting on the broken bench in the rain looking blankly at the pebbles where he was standing.  He remembered she was with someone before, the same seat, the same time..... But now she was all alone.  She was in distressed. It showed! As if he knew of the caused, the man talked to her and encouraged her to move forward and never to look back. The past is over... let bygone be bygone. It hit Mitsu. She awoke from her bad dream. She stood and walked away without looking back anymore at the bench where her love ended.  


Monday, November 18, 2013

Less is more............

An unforgettable reunion of the pioneers of MPKT Turtles.... Eventhough 12 turned up out of many..... we were still happy! Really happenning!  At that moment, we forgot completely that we are all grandparents! Hahahahha..... It was fun though. Lots of stories from the past and present. Alhamdulillah, we all  are granted with good health!

We gathered at Akhtar Zaiti's place to celebrate her son's wedding in Kampung Pauh Panji, Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Turtles who came were Noraini Hamzah, Noni, Kasmawati, Titina, Azean, Ridwan, Kak Teh, Kamariah, Nani, Norihan myself and  of cause Akhtar.

Avery happy father.... Cikgu Wan Ikram.
The proud mum.
Proud to be the Turtles of MPKT 1981-1983.
A friendship we hope to last forever. Insyaallah.

Simply beautiful......

Cik Yah's roomate.
So excited to his function...soooon!!!
As sweet as ever. In ornge is Nani from Tesl B.

All taken......
Kak Teh's, Lailee's and Kasma's!

Bersama Wan Rosnani.

Bersama Norihan

Grandmothers and Grandfathers  day.....

Best friends forever.
(L-R)  Norihan, Cik Yah, Kasmawati, Yan, Titina, Lailee,
Cik Nie, Akhtar and Kak Teh.

Tesl A representative.
Cik Yah. expecting more turtles to attend her function end of this month!

Next gatherings will take place at 

  • Cik Yah's place in Red Land Kelantan for her daughter's wedding. The date is 30th November 2013.  All Turtles  are expected to attend.  
  • Noni is inviting us to her daughter's wedding on the 14th December 2013. 
  • Next is end of  May next year.... Kasmawati's daughter is getting married . 
  • 31st August, Cik Nie is expecting her second daughter's wedding.
  • Noi's daughter is also getting married next year. 

Representatives of Tesl C 


The two Mats... Mat ASKAR and Mat RISDA!

Turtles with the bride and groom.

Three Hajis posing.

Must be something funny!

Kasmawati's roomate.
Cik Nie's roomate.
May they live hapilly ever after.
Discussing about our plans.....


Noni, one of the first to arrive and
the first to leave to attend another wedding.

Akhtar's heroes.

Just jump in the function even if you did not recieve an invitation card from the host. It does not mean you are forgotten but it just slip off the mind.  Too much to think, do and remember..... trust me! I was there.  I told Kasmawati to send invitations through  watsapp..... easier, faster and it is FREE! Hahahahhahhahah.....

Should any of you Turtles who wants to wed your children, just keep me inform so I can update!  But forget it if you (additional) are to be wed!  Hahahahhahahahha.....