Monday, June 24, 2013

It all started with a DREAM.......

It is never wrong to dream......

            Everybody dreams....some dream came to reality while others left  forgotten! 

            Me? Yes I have lots of dreams. Of all the dreams that I had and came through just recently....I  dreamt of cruising! Many years ago, I told my husband of this dream of mine....he was stunned! All the What? Why? How? When? Where? and How? questions came rolling in!!!! What can I say....I can only dream! Hahahahha.....But I never give up! Keep on dreaming....until recently....yes...recently!

            Every once or twice a year, my husband will take me for vacation. This time around he surprised me with cruising! AGrand Mediterranean Cruise! I was so excited and was so looking forward. Eight friends came along with us...well the more the merrier!

            Our voyage started in Barcelona, Espania! But before  that we had to take an 11 hours flight to Amsterdam and transit flight to Barcelona for 3 hours! 14 hours without bathing...Oh My God!....but the energy is there....the feeling is umbearable....just so looking forward to see the first glimpse of the cruise... MV Norwegian Spirit!        

            Upon arriving at Barcelona, we took 2 taxis to the port of Barcelona Cruise Terminal. There she huge, so beautiful and we were in awe.........all eyes on her and all mouths opened  especially me.....I just cannot believe it! She is right in front of me!

The registration
The Norwegian Spirit
All aboard!!!

            After a very quick registration, and given a multi purposed card for our room key and our spendings on board and as an identification that we were with the cruise for the next 12 nights, a  welcome drink and cookies were served, we were then ushered to the ship. A very warm welcome indeed starting with sanitizing of our hands. Then all along the way to the entrance, were smiling faces and a very warm welcome in beautiful red flaminco dresses! Quickly we made our way to our state room. Ours was room 8020 on deck 8.  The others went to their state rooms on different decks. Once opened, a queen bed waiting with a picture framed window.....big enough to fit both of us. All what is needed is there.....3 plugs for three contenants, television, hangers, drawers, refrigerator, toiletries, hair dryer and not to forget fresh towels! Mama Mia....we are ready to go!

Welcome drink and cookies.

The interior....
Our oicture framed window......

            It was afternoon when we arrived and after unpacking all of our belongings, and a short visit to Barcelona City...looking hi and low for cafes that have free wifi in order to send news to family and friends back home! We ended in Hard Rock Cafe......hehehhehhe! Our first spending of our Euro!

            Our first voyage started  at 6.30 p.m on 4th June 2013 from Barcelona to Toulon, France. It is never wrong to dream.........
             I imagined the Pirates of Carribbean.........Captain Jack Sparrow!!!  Hahahahhahhaha Silly me!