Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Balticans Ice Breaking

The BALTICANS ....... we call us!

Nothing comes easy. Sometimes, it is easy to say than done! Sometimes your best laid plan goes haywire. We can plan to our level best but Allah knows what's BEST for us! This we have to accept.

As a human, I can never avoid making mistakes. Maybe out of stupidity, carelessness or lack of knowledge .... BUT I tried my very best... to the top most level that I can. Insyaallah, I believe, when planning something with full heartedly,  full of thoughts , full of love and tender care.... Insyaallah all will be well. Now it is up to Allah....we just make dua for the BEST for all of us.

After planning seriously  since Februari 2014, I managed to contact Norwegian Cruise Liner regarding our meals on board. True, there are 11  restaurants on boards Norwegian Star, but being MUslim who are subjected to Hallalan Toyiban kind of food, I take it very seriously. I managed to cater Vegeterian Meals with Seafood, Eggs and Alcohol Free for my group of 45. Alhamdulillah! All I need to do next is, upon boarding the ship, I have to see the person in charge regarding the matter. Thank you NCL!


Then comes to our excursions. This is a lot to explain! Out of many, only 7 of us have experienced cruising. The others love listening to our cartoon stories and decided to join us this year! Wow! It was so much easier to deal with 10 but 45 is not a joke! I needed to find a capable Excursion Agency to take us around. I read the reviews of some tour agencies by only one caught my eye and my heart agreed! We appointed SPB tours  to manage our excursions in all ports of call inclusive of Berlin, Talliin, St Petersberg, Helsinki and Stockholm! Alhamdulillah, they gave me the freedom to plan our routes. Thank you very much SPB Tours!

Last 10th May 2014, our group held and ice breaking event at le'Ter (Lembah Temir Eco Resort).It was good, smooth sailing and all of us had fun.  Since then all of us became closer and hopefully this  friendship last forever. The main objective of the event is to sit together and pray to Allah thanking HIM for all the rezeki that He gave all of us in terms of Good Health, Good Wealth but most of all Good new found friends to travel with. Also we seek forgiveness from Allah and May this trip will make us better Muslim when we see His creations as we visit the other side of the world. Definitely, the weather, the people, the environment and everything will be different from what we have. Masyaallah.....


I took this opportunity to explained thoroughly regarding our trip especially the excursions of what to expect, what to do, how to response, how much to pay and so on. This is important so that everybody can lead their own family or little groups without having to wait to be reminded. They need to know that we are a group of 45 and we do not have a leader. Yes, that is right.... we DO NOT HAVE a leader! Totally on our own! Everybody have to do everything themselves. It will be fun. But I believe, all will be well! Insyaallah!

At the end of the day, everyone took it seriously and so excited to our trip.
Lots of things can be done in le'Ter. We had an aerobic instuctor to do light low impact aerobic plus taichii, an imam to lead us in reciting the Yaasin and the whole of le'Ter with it's wonderful...wonderful waterfalls, wild Kelah, Koi and fruits orchard to visit. We have to say thank you to the management of le'Ter who supported us full board.... May Allah bless Tuan Haji Che Din Sulaiman, Puan Hajjah Wan Remlah Abd Ghani and their team for making our event very successful! 

Like I said, all is well.......Insyaallah. Hopefully everything turn out as planned if not better!