Friday, May 23, 2014

What's in store for me???


             A poem I wrote about my feelings throughout the many months of thinking and planning for The Balticans. I hope, everything will run smoothly as planned. Insyaallah. 

              I am definitely not your leader! No, not even near! I am just helping us. All I did was to get things organize with the little knowledge and a little experience that I have with  a little effort that I can manage of. Lets us make dua and ask forgiveness from Allah. May Allah bless us with good health, safe journey, good comradeship and good Rezeki! Insyaallah... all will be well!

              I wish all of us a wonderful cruising to the Baltics. 

              Welcome aboard to the first timers and welcome back for the experienced!

I have tried my best
To the level best that I can do
To the level best that I can think of
I contacted them
we communicated 
for many months...
we discussed
we both satisfied
we dealt.......
we agreed
You understood me
you read my mind
Now, I am eagerly waiting for the time
a few more days to go
to see the real you
and you see me
But, need to say......
we planned......
 but Allah knows BEST!
I tried...
tried very hard 
to understand others
to help others
to fulfilled their needs
to fulfilled their wants
to satisfy them...and
to make them happy!
I am done....
I lay my plans down
I close my eyes
I make dua....
Wait for the time
What's in store for me?
May Allah give HIS blessings
May Allah give me the strength
look at me 
look in me
LOVE......lots of LOVE