Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our two days at sea......30/05/2014 and 05/06/2014.

Our two days at sea ... 
30 May 2014  and  05 June 2014


         Our first day at sea was from port Warnemunde, Berlin, Germany towards Tallinn, Estonia. Our second day at sea was from Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a beautiful day and some of us started the day with their morning exercise in the gymnasium, a dip in the jacuzzi or simply a brisk walking on deck 12.

     The others enjoyed their room by waking up late after a long travel time to Berlin City from the port,around and back! Time to relax the old and worn out muscles! hehehehhe.

     Somehow, almost all of us had breakfast almost at the same time and before doing so, we will dance to the crew guitarist with his Washy Washy Song! The song will start with a good morning wish to everyone and at the same time reminded us to always clean our hands at anytime of the day especially in and out of the restaurants! This is to assure of the cleanliness of the ship throughout the journey. This is good.

     As usual, we are among the loud ones. When we bumped into one another, there will always be jokes that made all of us laugh even if the joke was on you! That is what friendship is. Full of fun and laughter.

     It was true when Boris our guide in Berlin said that, you eat every 30 minutes when you are on board!  Food is lavish. The choice is yours. All kinds of fruits, food and drink are served. Just take whatever you want  and enjoy your breakfast with the   background of the Baltic Sea. Oooooooo what a life!


     While at sea, there were so many things and activities you can do. They have dance classes, aerobics, towel foldings classes, art auctions, music all day and night, stage shows and many more. All we need to do is to read from the daily bulletin they sent to our rooms. And wait patiently for the sunset.......... Perfecto!

     After dinner, we rushed to Stardust for the show! They have lined up magnificient shows like  the Acrobatic by a family of three, instrumental musics bya multi talented musician who played different kinds of instruments and the one I love most was the mucial show of th 80's! Awsome! Songs like "That's the way aha aha I like it.... aha aha...." brought back memories of our salad days!

     When the show ended after an hour, we all went around to listen to musics from different venues. Some bands, pianist, duos will plays songs of the past and present! They even have a karaoke session where anybody can take part. One of ours took part and he really can sing...... forgive me Delilah I just couldn't take it anymoreeeeee....... hahhahahhahhahah. Everybody sang with him!

   There is no way to say that cruising is boring! Your time are full if you know what to do. When we have free time, we even visit out friends to their rooms to have chats and coffee together. That built comradeship! so, feel free to do anything on board. If nothing, just stay in your room  watching ships passed by, read or sleep! The best is go shopping at the Duty Free Shops!

We used our last day at sea to pack our belongings and ready to leave upon arriving at Copenhagen.  We were then separated into four different groups. The first group went home to Kuala Lumpur via Amsterdam. The second group of 10 stayed back in Copenhagen, Denmark while the third group of 9 diverted to Paris for  four days. The last group of three went to London! Adios!


Baltics.......Berlin, Germany. 29/05/2014

The ship docked at Warnemunde Port at 7.30am on the 29th May 2014. The excursion will start at 8.30 am. We boarded the bus with a grumpy look driver. He speaks quite good English but when asked, he does not understand. Hahahha. Funny but it is true. Actually he was a very nice person and was enjoying our laughter eventhough he could not understand the jokes. His name is Dethlef!

The journey to Berlin City from the port took exactly 3 hours. Every one hour, the bus stopped for the driver to rest and for us to go to toilet or have a cup of coffee.

When we arrived at the Olympic Stadium of Berlin, we were greeted by two gentlemen. Our guides, Boris  and Shaun. The group was separated into two and were loaded onto two different buses. we were taken around the city and we finally met again at the mosque for Zohor/Asar prayers. It was a beautiful feeling to be able to visit the mosque and  to be able to pray with the local Muslims. Alhamdulillah. We made Wakaf for the mosque from the collections we made earlier.

The City Sightseeing of  (West) Berlin was inclusive of Charlottenburg  Palace, Ku'Damm. Tiergarten. Victory Column, and Holocaust Memorial. Then we stopped for lunch at a Halal Restaurant and my God, the portion was so big that we shared our food an even took back home the leftovers! The taste was marvelous! Burrrrppppppp!!!!

Then we continued our Sightseeing of (East) Berlin which to me is the backword side of Germany compared to the modern high rising and new buildings in the west.  some of the places we visited or passed through was the site of Hitler's bunker, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Humbolt University, the Museum Island, the TV Tover and the Red Town Hall and the New Synagogue.

We had to say goodbye to Berlin and to  both Boris and Shaun who had done a very good job from the begining to the end. Then we proceeded back to Warnemunde board the ship which departed at 10pm. I could see that almost everyone of us were so tired and exausted but once on board the ship, after a quick shower and dinner, most of us went out again to the Stardust to watch the show for the night while the others chose to retire early in bed.