Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baltics ... Tallinn, Estonia ... 31 May 2014

            After a good rest a day at sea, we all were so looking forward to visit Tallinn. It is an old city and we were told that most of the time will be on foot. Good and comfortable pair of shoes are needed.

           When the ship docked at the port, everybody rushed ashore. Unfortunately, the bus was not allowed into the port compound and as a result, we had to walk for about 10 minutes to the bus. Funny thing happened to us. When everyone was on the bus, the leaders of 5 groups started counting their members. 3 ladies were found missing. So the leaders had to find them and true enough our friends were still in the room chit chatting and wondering why was the ship not stopping! This is because their room is facing the sea and not the port! hahhahahha. That was quite an experience for all of us!

           We were greeted by two female guides, Eva and Nelly. Both were equally god as the guides in Berlin. We were taken around the city centre and passing through the Viru Sokos Hotel and its KGB Museum, The Estonian Opera and Ballet House, Tallinn University, the Freedom Square and Freedom Monument, the city Goverment Centre and St Charles and St John Churches. Then we passed through the houses of German and Russian nobility and the Olympic Village.

          We were then taken to the Tallinn Islamic Centre for our Zohor(afternoon) prayers. We felt honoured because the Mufti and the jemaah waited to greet us and pray with us. Alhamdulillah. After prayers, the Mufti gave a short talk about the Islam in Estonia and answered some questions from the group. We made WAKAF for the centre as well. The Mufti made dua for us.


          After the prayers, the bus dropped us to our next place of visit. Then  we walked to the upper and the lower Old Town Talliin with its cobble stoned streets, red roofs and gothic style houses. We were told that it is the best preserved old town in the Northern Europe. The lower town was surrounded by a high wall with 25 towers and one of the world oldest pharmacies in the world  is still exist and standing strong and is still running! 

         We were told that the people in Tallinn loves to sing.  They even organize world class music festivals. Famous singers from all over the world visited Tallinn for the purpose. We passed through the Song Festival Grounds with a very large arc which can be seen from far.

          We had our tea break at an antique restaurant . We were served with pastry and coffee. It is a very interesting restaurant indeed.  Tallinn is a very interesting place to visit. They are very good in needlework and produced nice linens, sweaters and table cloth. Leather goods are also produced here. They made jackets, shoes and even book covers. Of cause the hand made items are far more expensive. Very interesting! 

Given a chance, I would love to revisit Tallinn. Such a small place but alot to offer. Maybe someday.... one fine day!