Saturday, May 28, 2016

One of the longest drive!

This blog was delayed because I had difficulties to post it. I hope you enjoy reading this true experience of my Kembara Siam Group last year. We hope to do more adventures together in the nearest future....this year.

A very good morning to all. It was a very good deep sleep last night at Samila Resort. But unfortunately the price did not meet the service. What a waste! We hope to stay in more comfortable and cheap hotel rooms in days to come. InsyaAllah.

Our Captain for the whole adventure was Haji Adam. My husband DIMY the navigator  Hjh Norliah as the cook and I am the financial controller.  In Islam, when we are in musaffir travelling  in a group, we need to have a leader and everybody listen to him. What the leader says, goes! That was what we did! We did things together like driving, packing and unpacking, cooking and even navigating. Well ....sometimes Android failed us and we needed iPhone to help! Hahahhahhha.....I laughed because the men and the ladies teased one another regarding the abilities of their phones...... but both did serve us well. Alhamdulillah!

Today, our Captain pin pointed our next destination.... Surat Thani. So off we set our journey after we had our breakfast. Breafast in Samila Resort is HALAL! We met many Muslim in the restaurant but most of them were locals. Thank you Allah. 

Before we left Songkhla, we had a walk along the beach which was just a few yards from the resort. Photography session is a must. Hjh Norliah and I were self elected model throughout the journey! We really had a gala time together and posing as we liked! 

Things sold at the gift shops by the roadside is unbelievably cheap. The cost of a straw hat is only THB100 but they gave us for THB80 only. We saw the same hat in Hatyai, and the price is triple! Should have bought more and open my own gift shop! Hahahahha.

We started our journey towards Surat Thani. DIMY did well in his navigation. All went well. We passed two bridges which connected Ko Yo island with the main land. Upon reaching Nakhon Sithamarrat, we  stopped by Ban Pak Khlong for fuel and rest for a while. Looked around and we find no HALAL restaurant. We parked our STAREX by the beach in a fishing village. Saw a good spot and after we were given the permission by the owner of the hut, we unloaded our portable kitchen and prepared lunch. That was one of the best moments we shared! All of us did our part in assisting Hjh Norliah to prepare lunch for us. 

We left some food and gifts for the owner as a token of appreciation for allowing us to use their place. That was very nice of them and they even allowed us to us their water to wash the dishes. We were all touched! 

Off we go again. Stopped by an R and R in Wiang Sa for refuelling and solah. No proper place as a surau but we found a small garden just outside the coffe shop and performed our Solat Zohor/Asar Jamak Takhir Qasar. Alhamdulillah.

Along the way we saw  many fruit  stalls. They have Buah Salak, Mango, Guava and even bottled Petai Jeruk. But what caught our eyes most was the King of The Fruits...DURIAN!!!!. We stopped by and bought just one durian.... quite a size. the taste was ..........  so sedapppppp! It cost us THB540 but it is worth it!  The four of us failed to finish the durian at one go so we packed some. Just imagine the smell of durian in the car! Hahahhahahhahhha.





We arrived at Surat Thani quite early. Hj Adam suggested we went round to look for our point of interest ...The Rajjaprabapha Dam. When we arrived the the dam, it was almost 6.30pm. The sunset was so mesmerizing! 

Before it got dark, we found two rooms at Ban Tattuk Resort and we simply loved it because we have a small villa by ourselves amongst the palm trees in a Palm Oil Estate! Again, it is cheap....THB800 per villa per night. We prepared our very own Malaysian style dinner with Sardine, Omelette Chicken Curry and Serunding. Ooooooo what a life!!!

 As we were having our dinner, we were entertained by the local karaoke singers singing their heart out at the restaurant a few blocks away from our villa. We were so sleepy after a very long drive from Songkhla to Nakhon Sithamarrat  , 167km and continued to Surat Thani for another 379 km. After more than 7 hours , the body needed to rest completely.

Good night people!

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