Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mak Uwo

Being the eldest gave you the command. Everybody will listen.
Being old and sick is something else! you need to listen, you need to understand and you need to be lovable.
She is already 71. She is never married and all her life was looking
after her parents and her sibblings. In other words she had to make sure everything is set for everybody from the time they wake up until they sleep.
Because of the responsibilities laid in front of her at a very tender age, she had to quit school at the age of 12. My husband recalled how smart her sister was those days. She attended his problems in understanding FRACTIONS in Mathematics.

Now that everyone has moved forward. Everybody has their own life, family and responsibilities. She lost her parents and her youngest brother but she still has four YUSOFs to turn to. She is home alone in her birth place , Ulu Bernam, doing the same old house chores. She loves her home very much.... we fully understand. But her neighbours are as old as her except for one young couple and a teacher. But those people have their own life and problems too.
The market place and grocery stores is very far....not for youngsters but for her.....YES! Those days she used to cycle but for the past years, she only managed to pushed the worn out bicycle. We did send her for driving classes. She scored the highest in the oral test but she gave up due to a reason she refused to share.

It is fated that she became sick. Slip discs. The pain is unbearable. She cried. Her legs refused to listen to her brain! It upsets her....that is when she followed me home so I can take care of her! It was the first day of April .... the day she moved in with my husband and I. Our turn to nurse her to the best that we can.

I hope what I did is right.
I hope she agreed but that was not what I see...
Hope what I said did not hurt her but I did see tears rolling down her cheek. It hurts me to see a sad her.
I needed her to understand.
I wanted her to know that it is fine to miss home...
That it is alright to go home but to visit and not to stay......but she refused to listen.
She kept quiet. Holding back tears....Ya Allah! Have I done something wrong? Please show me the way to make her understand!
What should I do? All I can say is to keep on telling and maybe .... just maybe someday she will

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