Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angin.Sotong and Kia Su

With my daughter when she was almost 2 years old.

Angin, Sotong and Kia Su are three nicknames for my students when I was teaching in Johor Bahru. That was almost twenty years ago, if not more. I can't really remember fully but I can still recall those names. Those boys grew right in front of my eyes because I followed them from day one of their life in primary school until the end of their year six.
Good thing about being primary school teachers is that you are always right. It's very common we heard complaints from parents about their children who will only listen to their teacher and not them even though what they taught is correct!! Funny isn't it. I had lots of experiences with the boys.
Now that they are grown ups. I am lucky because some of them made an effort to contact me until today. I met AR(initial) at KLCC some years ago. It's a beautiful feeling inside out when an ex-primary school student still recognise me!! From that day onwards we called each other. I even attended his wedding and now he has two children. AR is Angin's, Sotong's and Kia Su's classmates. In fact they are friends and rivals. Always trying to beat one another in getting higher marks in tests and examinations. I met Sotong at least twice. He's also married with two children(maybe three now). I lost contact with Kia Su and still wondering where he is now. His father is an Indian and mum a Chinese.
I was just thinking about Angin when suddenly AR sent me a message about him. I was just about to absorb the news when suddenly he called. What a surprise!! We talked and he was so happy that I still remember him. Angin is getting married end of this year. Well congratulation to him! He told me that he's trying to get as many of his friends of the same year to attend like AT, LJK, HI, FS, JT, Apek, MHK and the rest. Recently I met AT and his mum at HI's wedding. There's no words to describe imy feelings. I'm looking forward for 13th December 2009 meet up with my boys. Those wonderful years with them will always stay in my mind. Forever.

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