Monday, April 27, 2009

Bandung trip....

My friends and I departed from Shah Alam to LCCT at 8.30 am. Everybody were so excited to this trip. DC, DF,NK,HT and her cute little daughter plus me took the 11am Air Asia flight to Bandung! Usually when I fly I will sleep 3/4 of the way but not today. We were busy catching up the lost days we miss seeing one another. So much stories to share but only about ourselves only...not about others! Berdosa mengumpat tau!!
Flight was not full at all. los of empty seats. Maybe it's because of the weekdays. Upon arrival at BDO airport, Pak Hamid our driver and our travel agent were already there waiting to greet us. We felt honoured because Ikmal travelled all the way from Jakarta just to see us.
First destination was EIGER adventure sports shop. My son Azman told me to get some items for his friends, nak berniagalah tu. Things are so very cheap compared to our place. I'm telling you, it's worth to buy here...UNBELIEVABLE CHEAP!! My friends pun sama naik jugak. Everybody bought some items for their children especially the boys of cause. I was so glad I brought them there. semua orang berpuashati. Dalam pada tu langsai RP2juta.
Perut mula berkeroncong, ada yang hampir pitam. So we went for lunch at Simpang Raya Restaurant...Nasi Padang. Enam orang makan dengan kenyangnya and cost us Rp200ribu sahaja! Tak akan dapat makan macam tu punya harga dengan macam tu punya makanan di tempat kita!!
Lepas makan, shopping time! First stop to Grande. Then we had to check in our hotel which is a boutique hotel...Arion Swis Bel Hotel. Beautiful and we were lucky to get adjoining rooms on the ground floor. Lepas washed up and solat jamaq takhir Zuhur dalam waktu Asar and then jamak takdim Isyaq dalam waktu Maghrib, keluar lagi. Shopping lagi. Kali ni terus ke Rumah Mode, Donatello. Habis lagi duit Makcik!!! Tapi I was so happy that my friends and I enjoyed each other's company. Satu beli, yang lain pun sama jugak! semua otak kena corrupted and polluted!! hahahahhaa.
Selesai sessi membeli belah, masing masing danh kelaparan. Terus ke Restoren Sindang Reret for our Nasi Timbel ...YUMMY! Cost us Rp200 ribu for 5 sets plus 2 ekor ikan gurame goreng. Kenyang giler. Lepas tu semua orang letih and nak tido. Balik ke hotel untuk berehat. Perangai masing masing di bilik ada pelbagai...mengemas barang, mengira duit, mencuba baju yang dibeli dan sebagainya.....tunggulah apa cerita esok pula....dah ngantuk babe. esok kena beli local sim card ....senang to call home. Good night everybody. ada sahabat yang dah mula buka muzik dengkur!!! gua jealouslah.

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