Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phuket 2nd day

Our second day in Phuket started with a short walk to a Thailand Open  Women  Beach Volleyball .  From the break of the dawn, many people especially the players marched to the venue. Very international!  Players from all over the world came to compete.  We were lucky to experienced this moment.  The weather was good although it was cloudy but it did not rain.   We did not stay long because I was not prepared for the hot sun!  Hahahahhahha......  Takut ireng!  

The wash room....movable!
The Mobile ICU
We noticed that they were all well prepared for the tournament. A big pink bus parked near the venue and I can assure you that everybody will notice it's presence.... it is a movable public toilet and right behind it was an ambulance in yellow and on it  written as  Mobile ICU!  This is good and we should do the same should we have something on which involve big crowd. Nature's call could be anytime and people can get sick anywhere so this is something that we can learn from.

Encik Ali and his son Bashir.
In the afternoon, we decided to see places. We called Encik Ali, a Muslim Tour Agent which I found when browsing the net.  Such very nice and friendly voice. Unfortunately, in Phuket, the people from the Patong  cannot fetch passengers in Karon. It applies to the other towns too... vise-versa.  So I had to take a Tuk-Tuk to Patong which cost us THB400 and meet him there.  He owned a hotel and few restaurants..... and the beauty of it is he speaks Bahasa Melayu! Hahahhahahha.

Tuk-Tuk experience.

Encik Ali drove us around.  First to his restaurant for lunch . The food is marvelous.  The name of the restaurant is Ban Sang Duan.  I remembered having a meal here in one of my previous visits.  Then we stopped by at the Premium Outlet. The building, the color of the paint and the lay out are the same like ours in Johor but the brands are slightly different. They have more of the local brands.  Encik Ali told us that most who visited and shopped are foreigners!  It is on the way to the airport.

Missing Johor !
We stopped at Jim Thompson Factory outlet next and to my surprise, all products are so cheap. I love JT products alot.... very unique in it's own way and very stylish.  Then we had to rush back to our hotel so we will not miss our Zohor and Asar Jamak Takhir Qasar. Alhamdulillah we made it. We paid THB1000 for his service. On top of that, deep inside me, I still want to purchase some more items from JT outlet. Hope to revisit tomorrow. 

Do not miss when you are in Phuket.
My wish came through when my husband offered me for another round to JT Outlet. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang! hahahhaha. we chartered a taxi for THB800.  The driver Mr Sutat drove us to the destination, waited and then sent us to a Halal Restaurant in Kata. We had Nasi Daging Merah, Nasi Goreng Pataya, Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa, Seafood Tom Yum, Air Limau Ais and Fresh Orange.  The price is THB710.   Finally after burping many time, the driver sent us back to the hotel.  Hope to get some rest and maybe a dip in the pool much later!

Karon-Kata Muslim Food.

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