Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The day is today!


27th May, the long waiting day is TODAY! Almost everyday I kept on reminding others and sharing what's on my mind  and reminding them of their preparations. I wouldn't want to sound too bossy but sometimes I just have to. It is for the good sake for the whole group.

         I prepared several envelopes for each family to put the amount of money  for the excursions, Russian Folklore show, tippings for the drivers and guides and not to forget tokens for all the mosques we are visiting. Everybody agreed to the amount .... well nobody protested actually. Hahahhahha....

        On each envelopes I pasted a lable with the name of the head of the family, the amount to be paid and the purpose of paying.... when dealing with money, I am very strict about it. Every cent counts..... so far so good.

        Being a mother, a sister and a very good cook, Hajjah Wan Remlah prepared Pulut Kuning and Rendang for all 46 clowns. How can we all not love her? She thinks about everybody and prepared the food with lots of love.

         It seem that everybody is so excited. Some have done packing but some have different things on their mind and the result is they will start unpacking and repacking again and again until the time to depart. As for me, what is important is the travel documents like my International Passport, Visa, Tickets and of cause the currencies! The rest is less important because you can beg, borrow, buy or worst of all steal! hahhahha

        well I have to finish my packings now or maybe repacking later.....hahhaha. I wish all of us a pleasant flight, smooth sailing, have a wonderful vacation with the other clowns.......

Bon Voyage Balticans!

Some photos telling you about The Balticans preparation for the cruise.......Enjoyyyyy









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