Saturday, February 28, 2009

My son and I

I've only one son. His name is Ahmad Azman. He's already 22. Tall, lean and handsome. He's the jewel of my heart. He knows what my lkes and dislikes are. He knows how to cool me down whenever I'm angry. He got ways with words that makes you feel nice. A sportsman. He dives (with me), wall climber(he's a trainer) footballer, paintballer(from team BANZAAI) and badminton. He's vey bubbly and very friendly.
Today, he flew back to Melbourne for his fourth semester in Monash Uni. I already miss him the minute e checked in. And I'm still missing him. He was home since November for summer break. It's nice to have him around Azman has lots of friends of different kinds. Some are for clubbing, some for kopitiam, another for sports and so on. So, he will only be home late at night and spend his day time with family. Sometimes he forgot and went overboard which I don't like. So I just tell him and he'll listen. Well being young, sometime he thought that his parents is controlling him but after hearing what I said right from my heart, it made him think and reacted positively. That is what I love most about him.
Last week, we had to take him away from his friends just to spend time alone with us. My husband and I took him to Bandung. Well, it was a good outing. We shopped and dined together. We even went to the karaoke and sing like three crazy people. Wow! He can sing!! We enjoyed our time together alone with him. We really do.
Sometimes, we just ask or expect too much from our children. well we were once young before and their kind of world is different from ours. They hve their own wants and needs. We have to understand their world. So, most of the time I give way to my son but I never leave him on his own. Lead him to make the best out of everything in him. I hope that he'll grow into a responsible , super caring and a respectful man. My prayers will always surround him. May his life be successful and fill with love . May he be a true Muslim. Insyaallah.

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