Saturday, March 14, 2009

My mother in law Puan Hajjah Indun , who is now 86. This photo was taken recently.
This poem is meant for her from me. I admire her inner strength because in her poverty she manage
to produce well educated children even though she was only a rubber tapper.

Where have all the flowers gone to?

Time past
I watched the days gone by
Seconds, minutes, hours....
Bundles of sadness and happiness
Yesterday was different
I was young
So beautiful and strong
These hands did everything
These legs carried me everywhere
Now... I am older and wiser
But...I'm weak and helpless
My children were five
But now there's only four
My son is gone forever
So was the father
Just like the wild flowers
Where have all the flowers gone to?
Who cares....
I do

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