Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My very special friend......Hana Ibrahim

Being blessed with wonderful, tolerable, caring and loving people around me is something that makes my life complete. Besides my husband Ibrahim and my son Azman, my daughter Hana is not only a daughter to me but she is my everything.
She is going to be 25 years old end of this year. Hana is married with a son...cute little one and A'mmar, my grandson is almost 4 months old. When my daughter got married to A'sim, I cried like nobody's business. I thought, I will lose her forever. My daughter and I have this chemistry that we are almost alike. She even look almost like me, behave like me and she always listen to me. To her, whatever mum says goes!!! We can sit and discuss over anything..may it be current issues, religion , cinema, books or even our private opinions. She will always ask me what's best for her. She even let me shop for her blouses and dresses. Not fussy at all. That is why she is very special. she always look high on me and she even tell all her friends that she wants to be like me. I'm touch.
Hana is still studying at Segi to pursue her degree in Psychology. I trust she will do her very best. When she's in class, my husband and I will take care of her little one. I pray to Allah that my daughter will have the best in life and hereafter. She's a very good daughter that any mothers would wish for.

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