Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jauh perjalanan, Banyak pemandangan, Luas pandangan

Suamiku selalu menekankan ...jauh perjalanan, banyak pemandangan,luas pandangan. Yang biasa kita dengar ialah yang Jauh perjalanan Luas pengalaman. Maksudnya sama saja cuma yang di beri oleh suamiku itu adalah lebih detail. Maksudnya apa?
Apabila kita ke negeri orang, semestinyalah banyak pemandangan yang kita lihat. May it be their way of living, their kind of cooking, their dressing and so on which sometimes is so different from ours. As we go along, we can hear the Ooooooo's, Aaaaaa's and sometimes just left us in awe with eyes wide opened and jaws dropped. And then when we've passed that place and jumped into another, we forgot totally about it. Itu cuma Jauh perjalanan,Luas Pandangan sahaja.
Bagi kategori yang ketiga itu ialah when we sit alone by ourself or maybe with a group of friends, just ask the question...What do you think about the things that you saw along the way? What have you learnt? Some will say that the scenery are beautiful, picturesque and so on. But the wise one will always have his way of telling everybody of what his thoughts are and relayed everything to the geographical and historical behind it. To make it short, one has to read alot to have the third category at hand. So let's start reading! Better late than never!

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