Thursday, April 30, 2009

mula susah hati

Going trips overseas is something that my friends and I love most. Always and always looking forward to it. Lots of reasons why we love it. One of the reasons is of cause SHOPPING besides the getting together and sharing things, experiences may it be good or bad. That's what happen to us in BDO. Even before we jumped out from the plane, everybody started making plans where to go and what to shop! hahahahahha. Very funny indeed..!! but it's true. Once landed we told our driver all the places we wished to go and he had to plan everything. Well that is ok...what's not okay is the overload luggage. We had to plan of how to arrange our check in and hand carry luggage....this is where the funny part of the trip. But because of the beautiful friendship, everyone of us started helping one another in arranging..but towards the end everything comes to the same . Now kami tengah pening kepala macam mana nak susun barang. Yang beli mesti di bawak balik...yang dibawak balik akan ditimbang dulu...inilah part yang scary! Whatever pun, we have to face it! Ada yang ajar bacalah ...sebahgian dari surah Yaasin, dengan harapan pegawai tu tak nampak barang kita yang berondoh rendeh tu! Aku pulak kata, mungkin dia tak nampak kita tapi lebih dasyat lagi kalau dia ternampak barang-barang kita!!!pilu babe.......nak bayar pakai duit apa niii kalau kena excess baggage...

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