Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ujian itu pelbagai....

My friends and I are still in BDO. We'll be going home tomorrow on a 3pm Air Asia flight to LCCT. So far, all I can say is that, this is the most memorable oversea trip of my fact for all of us!
After breakfast yesterday, we left for Pasar Baru. All of us like this place very much because there were so many things to buy for everybody and very cheap! We went to a textile shop to get some materials for Hari Raya. Then we decided to go back to the hotel to perform our solah. Before that two of our friends complained that their tummy felt uncomfortable but we proceeded with our lunch and shopping at Dago after that. It rained heavily and their pain got worst...most probably food poisoning.
Went back to the hotel and we had dinner in the room. DF and DCM rushed to the toilet one after another. We brought with us perging medicine and it helped a little. Then DF had high fever and we had to sponge her. At the same time we asked the front desk to call any doctor. We waited for quite sometime and DF managed to sleep and her fever was under controlled. Alhamdulillah. Doctor still did not come. Then we went to sleep. A few hours after that, DCM was moaning and calling names. We called the front desk again and this time we decided to go to the hospital. The Hotel called for a taxi and NK and I took both our ill friends to a private hospital which is nearby.
DF looked much better but DCM got worst. I called my hubby and asked him to inform both their husbands regarding the matter. The doctor came and checked my friends thoroughly and put them on drips and antibiotics. They did some test on their you know what sample. After an hour we were informed that they had a virus attack in their digestive system.
Then we were asked to take DF and DCM back to the hotel. So the whole day we stayed in the room. To make things worst, NK , HT and I did feel something funny in our tummy. So we took the medicine which we got from the hospital for DF and DCM! They were ok but I vommited after breakfast and I was sick throughout the day. So, DF,DCM and myself stayed in bed the whole day. Our room became like a first class sick bay!!!hehehehhe.
What we learnt was that, this is all a test for our friendship and our patience. All I can say is that we went through it well together with seribu kesyukuran and everybody played their part well. Alhamdulillah. May our friendship last forever. Thank you Allah.


  1. alhamdulillah... anda semua dikurniakan sahabat yang baik2 belaka.... :)

  2. berhati hati dalam memilih kawan.....we did a right choice in choosing one another. Syukur Alhamdulillah.