Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where will it be?????

Yesterday G15 celebrated two of our members's birthday. We only celebrated but they were actually the one invited us. We had hi tea at Johnny's Steamboat at Bandar Baru Kelang. Out of 21 members, only 5 didn't make it because of certain reasons. Well, whatever! The rest of us had a gala time together. Zah and Era were so happy with our presence and thanked us over and over again. The steamboat was YUMMY!! Everyone of us enjoyed eating very much. All throughout that time, my mind was doing all the thinking of the venue to celebrate my birthday along with another 2 members ....May girls!!!. I wanted so much to discuss but unfortunate me, both were absent! Alamak!!!!Pilu aku dibuatnya! I wish to do something different and I have to do the booking soonest possible. Just hope to get in touch with the other two. I thought of celebrating it at a seafood restaurant in Jeram. I think I will stick to that with or without the others...hopefully they'll agree. On top of that birthday girls always prepare door gifts for all members! Ini satu lagi yang mengusutkan fikiran but I've done a part of it. I just hope they'll like it. I really do. Tolong doakan OK....To Era, Happy Belated birthday and to Zah, Happy Birthday in advance!! To both of you and to the rest of the G15, stay beautiful! And Good Luck to me!!!!

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