Monday, May 4, 2009

Banyaknya kenduri...

Apabila kita dijemput untuk menghadiri sesuatu majlis, menjemput itu adalah SUNAT tetapi memenuhi jemputan itu adalah WAJIB! Just imagine, yesterday alone, my husband and I had to attend four weddings and the venues are scattered all over.

We started our day as early as 9 am and drove straight to Tanjung Karang which is about an hour and a half away. It was a wedding of a friend's(our muqtawwif when we performed our Umroh last) son. For kampung folks like him, kenduri will start as early as 9 am. So, that helped us a lot in planning our route for the day. It was interesting to see the difference of wedding ceremonies held in kampung and city. Yang paling ketara ialah lelaki dan perempuan tidak ditempatkan bersama semasa makan. Can you imagine how was I going to chat with strangers and what made it worst was, they speak Javanese! hahahahaha. Yes, aku memang separuh Jawa tapi aku tidak tahu berbahasa Jawa! Pilu aku babe. But they are nice people. Knowing me buta Jawa, they speak Bahasa Melayu with me. Bila sebut tinggal dekat UiTM, they got excited because it sounded familiar to their ears..that was a good catch to start a conversation. The secret is to bring yourself down and say something that is familiar to all and if you are wearing sunglasses, take it off because that will make you look different!

Next we went straight to Komplek Perumahan PPR Pantai Dalam (belakang Angkasapuri). We went once many years ago when this friend invited us for a cukur jambul kenduri. And that was it! It was 10 years ago! Hahahahaha. We are terrible friends aren't we!! Anyway, we managed to arrive and the funny part of it was that he already moved to another place, a new area!!! He was so happy with our presence. It felt nice to make others happy right!

Next stop was Shah Alam...aaaa home ground. We bumped into an old friend whom we've lost contact for the last 20 over years. Our last encounter was when we were staying in Johor and they were there too. Sedih, seronok, lucu bila mengenangkan kisah lama kami masa dulu. Those were our salad days when our children were toddlers! We remembered how mischievious my son was and how my daughter cried to take home my friend's newborn baby home. She was in confinement at that time. Now just look at the children! the've all grown! We promised to visit one another soonest to catch up the lost years.

Last stop was my neighbour's. Sini kena lama sikit sebab kebanyakan yang hadir adalah rakan kejiranan kami. This neighborhood is very unique because every one of us knows one another. But unfortunately, after attended 3 kenduri and had to eat 3 plates of Nasi Minyak plus the desserts, we just can't eat anymore. So we just took a plate of fruit slices and that's all. The caterer CNS is my buddy. We dive together. She's a wonderful and a lovable friend...more to like a sister to me. She saw that we did not eat anything and sent some food to our house after we went home from the wedding. How very nice of her. Not only today, but anytime when she feels like feeding us, we'll have luxury of food at home right from her kitchen. Bertuahnya aku!! Thank you very much to her because the food she sent yesterday was our dinner!!!YUMMY ....sedappppppppnya.

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