Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Belated Labour Day..

Petang tadi, sebagaimana yang telah dijanjikan semalam, kami berlapan sahabat bertemu di sebuah kedai kopi di Shah Alam. Memang sudah menjadi kelaziman kami bertemu di sini di satu sudut yang tersendiri....hinggakan taukeh kedai tu adakalanya memberi kami makanan percuma.....hebat!!
We met this afternoon because of many reasons but most of all is to wish two of our friends (who are sisters) safe journey to the Holyland to perform their Umroh on the 4th of May. Secondly is to report about our trip to BDO and of cause the best news is about the two ladies down with food poisoning. Thirdly is to discuss and finalize the dates to KTrg for turtle laying eggs expedition!! See, no matter who we are, even if we all are unemployed, we are one busy group of people. Due to this reason, I would like to wish Happy Belated Labour Day to my friends! Hahahahahaha.
An old friend of mine was born on 1st May and whenever I wish her birthday, I will say...Happy Your Mother's Labour Day! Hahhahahhaha. we really had a good laugh on that but unfortunately, I tried to call her on her birthdy yesterday but unanswered...maybe she already expected my kind of wish.....pity me.
Tomorrow another friend of mine, my collegemate, my best friend, a widow(pity her...her late husband died of heart failure) of four girls and a boy, a teacher and still teaching will be celebrating her complete 48th birthday. My wish for her is the best in health and wealth. May she be stronger, happier and a brighter future...Insyaallah.

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