Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quality time...

My family love going outing together. We've been doing this for years and years eversince our children were toddlers. We believe in staying together, thinking of things we want to do and planning activities, makes the family bond stronger.

When we wre still young, I mean my husband and I, both of us were so tied up with our work, somehow rather, we made ourselves free on weekends especially. No night outing except when needed. We spent our time with our little ones at that time, took them to the seaside or waterfalls for picnics, took them to the bookshop and we were staying ing Johor Bahru at that time so Singapore is our regular spot to visit. We took our children to the zoo, shopping and so on. In the evening, right after office hours, we took them cycling around the park at the palace of the Sultan of Johor. We enjoyed our time together alot and I hope my children will continue doing it with their own family.

Being close to your little ones will make them grow into happy and full of confidence personalities. I see this in mine. My children can travel abroad without any of us assisting them. My daughter travelled to New Zealand to visit my husband's cousin whom she has never met before and my son went to Melbourne to register as a student on his own. I trust I have given them the best knowledge and I'm very sure they'll survive....where ever they are. We as parents have to learn the meaning of letting go and trust our children.

Last Sunday, early morning, my family and I drove up to Bukit Fraser. Actually we didn't seriously planned to go there but it's because we just want to spend time together. The 3 generations in one MPV...Grandparent, children and grandson. The road towards the destination is so narrow and winding. Only good and confidence drivers should drive. If you go too fast , your passengers will have problems with their head and tummy but if you go slow, you'll reach there late. This is because they have scheduled time for cars to go uphill and downhill. So everything is perfect timing!

Before arriving at the foot of Bukit Fraser, we stopped by at the Empangan Sungai Selangor. They have mangnificient view and I was stunned to see that there were many tourists visited the dam. Not as big as Tasik Kenyir but it's enough to leave your jaw open with the most beautiful background of hilly mountains which is as though they were painted in different hue. And the mist coverered parts of the hills and the sight makes everything looks so picture perfect!

Alot to see in Bukit Fraser but what I like most is the scenery. It's so green and the cool atmosphere completed everything. They have good resorts should anyone feel like staying. Food is good and affordable. Many tourists(foreigners and locals) visited this place. When we were there, we saw quite a number of tourists buses and people driving from all over Malaysia. What surprised me was a number of cyclists who cycled from Kuala Kubu Baru right up the hill. It took them approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Some of them especially the young and experienced ones still look strong but some can't even breath properly and even had their mouth open all the time to catch more air......hahhahahha. But, they looked fit and healthy bunch. I salute them! Some ride their motorbikes..some are big and some are small. They rode in groups and really enjoyed the winding road to test their skills in handling their bikes. Lucky no accidents occured. phew! Nice to see these youngsters of different races mixed together spending time going outing with their friends in a healthy way. It was a good sight to see.

We were there only for a few hours. Had our lunch at one of the food stalls, had some photographs taken and off we went downhills to go home. You don't have to go to too far away places to spend quality time with your family because the journey itself already took its toll. We talked and joked around when we were in the car which we just bought so we can all drive together in one car...more economical and fun!

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