Sunday, July 19, 2009

After 3 weeks......

He came back into my arms last three weeks. It was the happiest moments of my life having him around me. Looking at him melts my heart. I've been missing him alot eventhough he came home very often when ever he's on holidays. Without him, life is so much different., so quiet and boring.

Before he came back, my family and I made plans to spend as much time with him as we could. We first planned to drive up to Krabi, Thailand and because of that my husband bought us a new MPV Starex by Hyundai. It was the best decision we made in purchasing it. It's very easy to drive, powerful even when climbing highlands, spacious and road holding is tip top! The best of all is it fits all of us. All the 4 generations in one MPV! Due to certain circumstances, we did not drive to Krabi but we went elsewhere...

We drove up to Fraser's Hill in Selangor, Kuala Lipis in Pahang and Pulau Banding in Perak. We even went for a picnic at Sungai Gading in Ulu Bernam where our kampung is. We had the most wonderful time together. Visiting the places that most of us had never been before is a real experience . But most of all is having everyone in one transport is the best thing we've ever done. We joked around, teased one another, listened to Ayah's words of wisdom and while the driver (who is me) drove, the others watched VCD on the screen or enjoying the beautiful views outside as we go along.....this is good because everyone was wide awake and none of the slept! Good for me....hahhaha. I hope to make more plans to go on trips together on his next holidays. All we want to do is to be with him as much as we can.

Tonight, my son Azman will be flying back to Melbourne to start his class next week. No matter how old he is, how tall he has grown, in my eyes he's still my bubbly little boy whom we all love very much. To me he's always that little boy and I'm glad that he never change. He will always listen to me eventhough there are decision that I made that he doesn't agree. He is such a good boy and I hope and pray that he will be a good leader, a good husband , a wonderful father and will always be my little boy. I know that I will be missing him alot but my dua and prayers surrounds him. He will be a succesful man someday and hope he'll make the best choice nd the correct decision for his future.

Whatever, I know my son love me with all his heart, May he be a good and strong Muslim...Insyaallah. May Allah bless him with all the goodness forever. May he stay cheerful, healthy and happy always. Insyaallah.

To my son Ahmad Azman, know where you are going, be nice to people, stay focus and never neglect your responsibilities as a Muslim. Be kind and always remember that 8 hours away from Melbourne are your love ones, your family who wil always love and care for you forever....make us proud!!

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