Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never say No.....

Being a full time housewife doesn't stop me from enjoying my life and having a time for myself and doing things that I like. For as long as you know who you are, behave accordingly, be nice to everybody, nothing can ever stop you from doing things that you like. I was working before for so many years and attended many courses and trainings indoors and outdoors....but that was 24 years ago! I even conducted trainings for my fellow teachers and felt good when everyone enjoyed themselves. Well, what more can you ask. Money can never buy satisfaction!

I just came back from Pulau Pangkor for a 3 days 2 nights away from my regimented life. A time for myself solely! Yeehah!! I was invited by a dear friend, happen to be my next door neighbour, happen to be heading 230 staffs in MERS to her Team Building program. It scared me the first time she told me last month at one of our G15 gathering. My roomate aka my husband encouraged me to go but something in me made me delayed.

Just a week before the date, Rozi reminded me again. This time, I was very sure of going. Sooff we go to Pulau Pangkor. We started our journey with 77 others by two buses. It was wonderful trip because along the way we watched Hindustani film..My Name is Khan! My last visit to this island was in 2003 with my family and on a Chinese New Year break. Everything was not in order and we sort of did not really enjoy ourselves. Very frustrating! But now, with the new jetty and new system, I felt great!

The ferry dropped us at the Pangkor Jetty, also very new and vans were already there waiting to take us to Teluk Nipah. I fell in love with the beach and the scenery...BEAUTIFUL!!! Lots and lots of activities and skills taught in this program. I did most of it and the two I liked most was the Kayaking and the Absailing. It was my first time. Both challenged my mental and physical and when I got through it, I knew that nothing can come in between me. I overcame my fear and I'm much a stronger and more confident person.
I would like to thank Rozi and her staffs for welcoming me and accepting me as their guest. I made a whole bunch of new friends and hope our friendship will stay forever. I would like to congratulate each and everyone of them for their courage and good team work in reaching their goals. At the end of the program I can see that MERS are one. They think and work as one. May MERS grow and prosper. Thank you all....