Monday, June 20, 2011

Something new .........

Assalammualaikum wbt....

None of us, meaning my family and I ever expected that we will be operating our very own restaurant...nope NEVER even cross our mind! But Allah is Great! We never know what is in store for us! With that we praise Allah the Almighty!

My husband and I bought a low cost shop house at Subang Bestari, Shah Alam. When we first look at it, we both decided to rent it out. Looking at the location , the size and outlook of the place, a restaurant will be most suitable. Then we told our children and everybody were so happy and excited! And instead of renting it out, my children decided on running their own business....but WHAT?

After cracking our heads, thinking and thinking until at last we agreed on with a brilliant idea....a Steamboat restaurant! Why not? We are very close bonded family and all of us love eating Steamboat!........... very light and all in the family can sit at one round table of 8 or 10 enjoying the food! While waiting for the soup to boil, time to chit chat and catching up with one another. This is brilliant! This kind of food brings family and friends together! We love it!!!! So our tag line is...Makan-Makan Sambil Bersilaturrahim.

So, the deal is on and with that major decision, we started to crawl slowly and asking help from friends who run food businesses like catering and restaurants. How lucky we were because all of them offer a helping hand by giving good advices, sharing recipes, tips, teaching us the dos and the don'ts, teaching us the art of cooking and even sent their Exec Chef to visit our kitchen! We feel honoured and at the end of the day we were in tears....we were so thankful to Allah for having such beautiful people around us. Thank you Allah!

We decided to start operating on my birthday on May 4th but we found out that at that time we were all not ready to recieve anybody....just don't know why but it is the FEAR....fear of the response, fear of the food and fear of everything! So we sat down again , and decided on having a few trial runs by inviting our families, friends and neighbours to try our food. This is where the real test is. Our guests arrived almost at the same time and the seats were full. The first test was the stoves...Alhamdulillah they worked well. The food with lots of choices, the tastes was good, thye service was efficient BUT suddenly the lights went off!!!! Hahahahhaha. You can imagine how panic we were but luckily one of the guests know something about electricity.....lights went on again and the makan kept going until the end. We had good reports regarding everything and some even gave good suggestioins and everyone of us take note.

Kelip-Kelip Steamboat, Grill and Cafe was officially opened on June 1st 2011! Congratulations to all involved. We promise Cleanliness, Good Service, Tasty Food inclusive of Homemade sauces! But most of all HALAL! For those who has visited our family restaurant....THANK YOU and please spread the words around and support us. Thank you and hope to see all of you at Kelip-Kelip.


13, Jalan Nova U5/H,
Subang Bestari,
Shah ALam,

For reservations please contact:

0133842652 / 0122005258


  1. Alhamdulillah..semoga semakin maju dan sukses sentiasa..InsyaAllah,kalau kami sampai kawasan sana,pasti kami akan pergi nanti,k...

  2. TQVM Kak Teh. Pastikan bawak rombongan ye!!