Friday, January 6, 2012

The choice is yours.......

It's been a while now. I've lost my interest in seriously watching television especially the drama series no matter what language it may be. When I was younger, when my parents were still alive, we stayed in Johor Bahru. The place called Kampung Melayu. Our house is just by the roadside....rented! Anyway, that is not the story.

For Johorians, we are lucky to watch SIngapore television channel. Those days, there were no such thing as paid tv . So it is a luxury being able to watch extra channels from a neighbouring country. I still remember watching this Chinese Mini Series Drama abaout a retarded man whose name is Fei Mo. He was a very slow learner but whatever is taught, he will use the knowledge to help him in his everyday life. He was a likeable personality and everybody love him. From what I can recall, he got married to a girl who is exactly like him and they even managed to have a child....and the stories go on and on and on.

Suddendly I realised that, it is not healthy to follow a mini series drama because it makes you want to watch the continuation the following day. Usually three days in a row...same time! this made the viewers waited patiently and even skip any appointments in between, just to watch the drama. I have been through this situation and I found that I have no life at all. Your life is right in front of the screen....very sad!

Now, no more! I've had enough. I took up reading and painting and with my grandson around, I miss those too. But I just have to be stronger and make time for my painting. Reading is a must. May it be a newpaper clip, a paper bag Novel or lately from the net. I have to say that reading is the best . It makes you think , it makes you feel as if you are in the story and most of all it creates a healthy and creative mind. I have finished the Dan Brown's novels....the Sydney Sheldon's and lighter readings by MIss Dannielle Steel. Books by the famous Indonesian writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer are good to read. Through his writings, we learn the life of the nobel and poor people in that region, their believes, their strength and weakness and their cultures. The one I like most is when the writer told the story about his ancestors. Full of sadness, lies, death and tragedies.

I just have to thank my husband for his effort in making me read. I hated reading until he put a force on me. Before he left for work, he will ask me to read few pages of magazines or book and before bed, I have to tell him all about my reading. Usually I will start with what I understand and what I learn about it. Then he will come out with his long explainantions regarding the matter and always gave what is outside the box. Meaning, in writing, there is no such thing a straight forward, but what's behind it. He told me that if you read and only understand the top layer of the story, you are not reading at all, only parrots does that! Try to understand more by reading more! Thank you love!

The more you read, the more you will appreciate life and the wiser you will be. When you read, you will never feel small in meeting people. You don't have to be lawyer to know law but through reading you can make better judgement and you don't have to be an economist to understand the ups and downs of the stock market or movements of the price of gold! Well, reading will not make you an expeert in all fields but reading helps you to elevate your self asteem.Seeing and listening is never the same as reading! Just grab a book today, a light novel for a start and your life will be different! Perfecto!

Now I must find time to start painting again before my fingers start to disobey! May Allah grant me my wish to paint again and again. Insyaallah.

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