Monday, January 23, 2012

The journey......episode 1

Jam 1.50 pagi kami menaiki pesawat 201 ke Cape Town n terus ke Buenos Aires. Azman dan Geweng sent us to KLIA. Thanks to them. we surprised IMY with a new S100 Camera which he wanted very much to captre loads of pictureque photographs in the two cities.

Flight was delayed for about an hour because they detected one kind of smeel from the cockpit but actually, I told my hsband that I did smell something ....not stinking but something smelt but he just wash my statement away. and true enough, right after my complaint, the pilot made an announcement regarding the matter....I've got good nose then! hahahhaha. 

local time in Malaysia.

We are now somehere  don't know where! hahahahha. we have been flying lmost 10hours now, I am glad I perform my Subuh and read Al Baqarah from ayah 133 to 211. I hope to finish reading soones possible, Again, IMY is so very happy with his new toy.

local time in Malaysia.

we are seated at 54B  and 54C, 54A is occupied by a young Chinese girl from China. When we had dinner last nite, I saw her eating as if she was so very hungry . Deep inside me, she must have been very hungry and waited or te good food served by MAS. By the way the food choices were,,,Rice with Chicken Curry and Beef with potato.  Nasib baik budak Cina ni tak gemuk. Kurus saja....hehehhe. Kalau tak mesti sesak aku berdua dibuatnya!

from outside the window, the beatiful horizon emerged. YA ALlah, what a beautiful sight. We are now at 34000 feet  up and see the miracles of Allah.  Subhanallah.....

From the television screen, I can see tht we have just passed mind was wondering of the animaion movie about the animals from a zoo flew back to the wild in Madagascar and was not able to adapt with the wild life and insisted of getting back home to the zoo...where they were born and taken care by the humans......hahahhahahahha...I just love watching the movie. Funny and especially the songs can really help you to throw few kilos..... 

well itis shown on the screen again that time to Capetown is 3 hours away....I'm so hungry. Wondering when are they going to serve breakfast!!! Roti Canai  n Teh Tarik maybe????Keep dreaming!!! 

The light of a new day is slowly emerging. What a beaitiful sight with the orange and red plus yellow horizon at the back and a carpet of clouds just underneath. Subhanallah!

Tetiba teringat lagu Aris Ariwatan.... bentangkan kupermaidani, 
dari baldu berwarna putih..........

Local time Malaysia
04.24 Cape Town...same date and 6 hours behind us,
23.27 Buenos Aires 21/01/2012

The sun is up. ...another beautiful view. If I were sitting at the widow, my battery will run out quickly because I'll be taking photograaphs every now and then.  hahahha. It is a beautiful sight.!

Local time in Malaysia 

Just departed from Cape Town International airport on flight 201 to Buenos Aires. They say it is anoher 8 hours to arrive at the destination. Very long hours......

The transit was hardly an not much we can do except to walk around and stretching. we really needed to do that or else you'll feel cramp all over your body. lucky me, I purchased a new sandle meant for your whole body from aching after walking alot. I had to pay RM328 for the sandle and I realy realy hope that t will serve the purpose. and because of it's thick sole, I found out that I need to walk by lifting and not dragging or else I will not feel comfortable. But,,,,so far so good.

The crew on this flight from KUL to Cape Townn and then they change new crew to the final dstination, are extreely nice. even the people in our group whom we just met for we were seated next to one another were also nice and friendly but I yet to get to know better. 

Had some photos taken at the airport and as usual, my husband is so excited using his new camera and I am so glad that he like it. Anyway, I know, one of this days, when he get bored, I will be the owner of the S100...hahahhahahha....provided he did not offer to his daughter or his son.....hahahha.

oh yes, forgot to tell you that I am starting my reading on a new novel by a late Swedish writer who managed to produce 5 novels but only 3 were published.  They called it a Milineum Series. This particular novel is the first. I am now on The Girl With the Golden Tatoo. SOunds interesting and I can say...YES! The writer died at the age of 50 at his office. Unmarried. His books were published after his death. The Girl with the Golden Tatoo was written in Swedish and translated in other languages and was Hollywood was so in love with it and made a movie about it. i am so eager to watch the movie! When??? Yet to find out.

we are now on 32000 feet in the air and 8000 km away from Buenos Aires. ETD is 1310hours. Weather??? will be informed later...hehehhehehe.

19:44:  21/01/2012!
Local tme in Buenos Aires
We are actually a day later than Malaysia. We all are time travelers!!!
It is 18.44 on the 22/01/2012

We checked in the hotel...hotel ker Rocalrta three hours ago. Had our bath n slept. I woke up fresh n hungry!!! Tonight we are going for dinner n off to a Tango dinner how . Hope we all will enjoy the show after so many hours of flying. My head was pounding.  and I felt like vomitting. Hope to feel much better after dinner. Wondering what they are serving?

Unfortunately, the hotel room is very small. Just a super king bed, a cupboard and  small space for us o move around. It's quiet today. Not much traffic because it is Sunday. Many families had  picnic under the shed of trees in parks by the highway which we Malaysian don't do...not in such venue. we will go to the waterfall, by the river or by the seaside but not by the roadside!!! nope.....never seen one!

Our tour guide is Luigi n the bus driver is Oswaldo. Both are big amd beefy and Luigi told us that beef is their main menu here in Argentina. Speaking about food, all the food brought by our friends were not allowed to be brought in by the authorities.  Pity them. All to the dustbin......they are very strict wen food is concern!