Thursday, November 15, 2012

Missing ME!

I wish I am the same me ...
I hope to be the same me ... 
I miss the young me 
The strong me 
The energetic me 
The never give up me 

I miss my active life 
I miss the long hours driving 
I miss the late night movies 
I miss most of all my Scuba Diving...a whole lot!!! 

What I meant to say is .. nothing last forever. 
Age will catch up... 
Movements will be slower.. 
Learn to accept..

Changes in life style is needed... 
Try growing old gracefully. 
Attend more religious classes... 
Maybe do more reading.. 
I should write more...blogging! 
Get serious with my painting...Why Not? 
Visit and get together with friends....

I am glad to be me ... 
I am greatful to my Creator...for 
My good health My families, neighbours and friends! 

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