Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the journey.....episode 3....eat eat eat

When we booked this trip, we already knew that it is going to be a full board meaning all inclusive. So happy we were that I made up my mind that is time is a real holiday trip for me and I don´t have to worry abbout food ! I was so happy....at last I am a real tourist!

Food is what made a person!You are what you eat! So, since it was promised that food and beverages is inclusive, I deacided to leave all my pots n pans behind. But not all, I managed to grab a few can foods and packets of 3in1 mix drinks and cereals...that´s it!

No doubt the meals served were for vegetarian and some fish and seafood, but my religion taught me that we must always look around if they serve other kinds of food and drink which are HARAM for us. Were the waiters dressed properly? This is what we always overlook. It sounds not very important but it is the most important for what we take goes straight to the blood and it carries to our children and on and on.....we always take things for granted when food is concern and we have to make a change. we have to be strict. Homecook is the best. That is why children those days are very obedient, soft spoken and well mannered.

I hate myself for not bringing my pots and pans which I normally did BUT Allah is great. He knows best! I was lucky that my friend DM and KT brought theirs. So throughtout this journey, I still manage to eat HALAL, tasty, spicy homecook food. Alhamdulillah.

To those of you, especially my family and friends, no matter who you are, what you are or where you are, just remember that Allah is near...always. Do not trust the Halal signs on the walls of a shop. Be very sure about it. Don´t end up eating HARAM food whithout realising. Stop eating out. Think of your littles ones!

Poor DM and KT had hard times with the Customs at the airport. They are very strict about the food we bring into their country. They have reasons for it and we fully understand but what we do not understand is they did ask us to fill in any declare form like most countries do!Most of their dry and wet food were cofiscated. It was so sad seeing our food dump in the rubbish bin. Oh dear....it was a heartache!But some still got thru. That is the rezeki from Allah that the six of us are sharing! Alhamdulillah.

We have to make a change for our future generations.

The journey......episode 2.... the land, the people....

The long hours flight at last took it´s toll. Buenos Aires is exactly or almost a day later then Malaysia. To adjust the watch behind time is easier compared to adjustment of your brain and eyes. Sometimes, yesterday, in the middle of walking, I thought I fell asleep! hahahha. Funny but it´s true. I was not walking anymore but behaving like zombies...awake but half asleep, eyes close and mouth open! hahahha. You can just imagine how we looked like and how we walked....dragged ourselves back to the hotel!

The city tour was a good one. One thing I can share with you is this is a beautiful city, clean and well taken care of. The parks were taken care by the universities students and upon their graduation, they will be given another cert as Professional Gardener! So, as we moved along the city, we saw beautiful parks...lots of them and all the trees were trimmed nicely and everything is always in order! This is something that we can learn. Let the youngsters love the nature and they will be better people!

Talking about youngsters..well we don´t see much of them. Wonder where they are and what they are doing. Even in shopping area, only foreigners and local adults but not the youngsters! Amazing!

Argentina is flat county which stretches around 5000 kilometers from the North to the South and only around 1000 kilometers from the West to the East which was seperated by a mountain range called the Andes. So their land are so limited! They are so very proud of their homeland and from what I can see, there are not many poor people around .... maybe one or two but they are not locals. This is because, the goverment is so rich that they take care of their poor. The good side s the poor are happy and keep on producing babies but the bad side is they refuse to get a job to upgrade their life ! Who are we to say anything but they did it!