Saturday, August 17, 2013

Raya with Sibblings and families

Eid is the time to get together with families and friends.
We seek and ask for forgiveness for all the wrong doings we did to each other may it be on purpose or not. Some words that we uttered or something that we did  or sometime our body language might hurt someone else eyes, ears, heart and feelings, so we ask for forgiveness. That is the beauty of Islam. Not only on Eid  but we do that  whenever we can.... anytime! 

Families from afar will come back home to their parents for this celebration. As for my sibblings and I, we lost our Arwah Abah last 10 years and our  Arwah Mak 5 years ago.  We  were totally lost but are lucky  because there are many of us . So we tried our best to see one another as much as we can.  Eid is one of the best time to do so.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Alhamdulillah this  year I managed to join the gathering in Pasir Gudang.
Hosted by our sister Han and family at her place. Even though not all of our sibblings managed to come, but we make do with what we have.

Meet our eldest sister aka Abang Ani. Typical Johoreans to address the eldest sister as 'Abang"(brother). That shows power and domination! We lost our parents and all we have now to keep us together is our sibblings led by Abang Ani. 

This is our brother Abang Man. Very funny and he looks exactly like our arwah Abah.
Only difference is arwah Abah was not as big and round like him. Hahahahhha. You have to watch your weight brother!

Next is myself. I came next after Abang Man. Actually there was another sister before me but she passed away when she was a baby. Her name was Kamariah. Al Fatihah.
My daughter Hana and family were not with us because she spent her first week of Eid in Kedah. So we only have Ahmad Azman with us.

This is my sister Han who is two years younger than me. She was the host for his gathering. She  is a very good cook and the taste is exactly like our arwah Mak's cooking. A very loving  and a very funny person. But at the same time very sensitive. So, watch your words, watch your steps..... don't mess with my sister! Her husband is working overseas!

This is or little brother Ipin. A very tall  man. He has 4 daughters and no son..... tried many times but still produce girls. Hahahahha.... but beautiful girls he has. Soon, he will be a father in law. In Sya Allah early of next year !

Our youngest sister Intan is the most lovable. She is also a very good cook. She is a caterer and sells frozen food. A very hard working lady and is always very happy. She is very positive in life.  Her husband is working in an oil rig in Kemaman and this gathering is very important to her and for the children especially because it is the first time ever they celebrated Eid without the presence of their father.

Our cousin Rizal with his family were already at my sister's house when we arrived. It was nice to see him there. His mum and our arwah Mak are sisters. Arwah Mak as the eldest and his mum was the youngest. 

Like brothers right. Meet our eldest brother- in- law Abang Joni and his son Fadli aka Anong. As usual, fathers have plans and hopes for their son but sons have something else on their mind. Normal is it not?

My little brother's wife Imah. She is a good mother and soft spoken lady. She sews and cooks very well indeed. How lucky my brother is. Thank you Imah for taking good care of our brother.

We just love posing in front of the camera. Just look at us!

Well, it runs in the family. It is in our blood. The camera just loves us very much! hahahha.

Aunties and children! Adorable!

The family is dominated by girls! Sorry boys!

Posing with our cousin Rizal.

Boys to men!

The back benchers.... naughty boys Azman and Anong.

With my cousin's wife. Nice to see her.

All boys... cousins

Cousin sisters..

All pretty maidens in a row.

Our cousin , Mai's son Faizal came all the way from Singapore. Thank you.,

No matter how happy we were, we still miss our sisters who were not able to join us this time.  We hope to see one another again soonest. Next gathering will be in our younger brother's place for his daughter's engagement ceremony.....
we are all so looking forward to get crazy again....hahhahhahh. 

Happy Eid Mubarak everybody!

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