Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just a call away.........

I dialled. The phone rang. Nobody answered. I tried again. Still no answer......what is wrong? I was wondering if I dialled a wrong number but those were the numbers given to me by them..... I wonder why..... 

But I did not stop there. I tried other numbers and then a familiar voice answered. It was Akhtar Zaiti. She has just been blessed with a grand-daughter. I am so happy for her. Her son is getting married soon to a girl from Tronoh, Perak on the 9th of November 2013. SHould any of you staying nearby, please come and join the crowd! 

Next I called Norainie Hamzah. She is teaching in Cheras, Sekolah Menengah Sains. She was the one who informed me of the late Norlila A.Samad.  She got the news form our Ghazali's wife. That was very nice of her. I asked her  how her students did in their SPM trial exam recently. Of cause there should not be any problem with her students...... just concern. Once when her students took part in a competition in Shah Alam, we managed to meet and it was one of the best moments and promised to meet again whenever we can. 

Then I called Zin in Mentakab but that was his old number. So the person who answered said I got the wrong number. As I was scrolling through the contacts in my phone, I managed to get Zin's present number. Called and unfortunately he did not answer. he is a busy bee...... I promise myself to try again later.

So I let it be. I dialled another number and this time it was Azmi Mahabob. He just bought a bungalow in Desaru. Alhamdulillah. Nice to hear his voice...full of life and laughter.  Last month on the 31st August, he had a car accident but he is okay.... but not his car. Because of that, he had to ride a motorcycle to school which is 30km away from his house! My dear friend please jangan merempit pulak and please remember that we are not young anymore.Hope you can get your car back soonest possible.

Speaking about Tronoh, Perak reminded me of our friends in the north... Zaid and Azlan Ong. Called Zaid a few times but no answer. Then I tried my luck with Azlan's. Two rings and his voice came through with a loud Salam.... hahahhaha.  We talked about ourselves, teasing and laughed. I told him to read my blog at and look up for stories about all of us!  I wrote quite a number of stories about our Turtles. Recently was about the things we did those days, the songs we sang and the games we played!  I even told him of our Turtles, Abang Long Zainal Abidin is performing his Haj this season but he already knew it from my facebook. Long and wife  will be leaving on the 22/09/2013 from Kelana Jaya. I hope to be on duty that day as a volunteer to Tabung Haji. I did helped them when they organised the Kursus Perdana Haji for Selangor state at Masjid Negeri Selangor in Shah Alam. It was fun but at the same time it made me miss Mekah and Madinah. It is always the case when someone is leaving for Umrah or Haj, you will be in tears thinking of the two places..... in tears! Last season Kasmawati and husband performed their Haj. We were together in Madinah and Mekah. I am so proud of us... I really do.  So, we wish the best for Abang Long and wife Rosmah. May everythings goes well as planned....InsyaAllah! 

Then Zin called me. It was very nice of him. Zin is as he always is.... funny! He made me laugh, like he always did. There is a quality in him that made you like to hear his voice....honesty! He told me how Ali Manaf came to visit his school as a representative from Jabatan Pendidikan. Actually Ali wanted to see him as a friend ... an old friend!  We promised to meet up someday. InsyaAllah. Maybe all Turtles from the Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan  can attend Akhtar's son's wedding on the 16/11/2013 in Kelantan!

My connections with the Turtles is an on going process. I need to stay connected because all of you are my friends. We shared a lot of experiences together may it be good or bad but that made us  who we are now. Now we are so much older and living in a borrowed time. So do stay connected and continue to do so until we are unable to do it anymore..... for so many reasons of cause! Just remember that we are  just a call away. Let your fingers do the walking....... Do find time to stay connected with your friends......

Recently, I visited a friend who performed Haj with me last season. When I uploaded some photographs, Manja, Fazidah Jaafar called me. She knew the couple when they were in UK. What a small world! Sabri just celebrated his birthday. Manja uploaded the family photographs. Both their girls looked like her....exactly her! Their son looked like Sabri.  Cute family they are!

The most active Turtles of all is Kak Teh, Rahimah Murad. Se will always have something to say may it be in my blogs or facebook. Today she told  a story of how she was forced to take medicine which was wrapped in banana by Cik Saadiah. We were travelling to Penang to attend our Pestarama.  That was a very long and tiring journey but as youngsters, we enjoyed every second of it. We took part in dancing and my partner was Abang Long.....hahahhahahhhaa.

When Norlila A.Samad passed away, Norainie Hamzah, Taksiah Mohamed wanted to attend the funeral together.  I managed to call Zulhisham Zakaria who's wife is our junior Jamilah and we planned to visit until we were told that she was buried after Asar. So we cancelled. I visited the family in Batu Pahat the next morning. I represented  all Turtles. Narehan is very active on facebook recently. Keep it up my friend. Our college lovers Nik Nor and Azman are always online. Just look up for them in their facebook. Please don't miss Ali MohamadAmin, KK Yan , Chanchel Singh, Hussin, BC Khoo, MY Mok, Ruzaidy , YC Boong, Titina, Mazlan, Roslan and many more whenever you are online. Do stay connected........

Lastly....Long Live Turtles!

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