Monday, September 16, 2013

Very unique

Sambutan Aidil Fitr 2013

"I have been moving around looking for a good place to stay. I was offered bungalow lot in few places but I ended up here in Section 7 , Shah Alam...... and I am so glad I chose this place. I will not move anymore. Alhamdulillah."

"This is the seventh time I moved into a new place. All this while I never thought that I would end up here, this wonderful place with a beautiful neighbourhood. I am so glad, Allah showed me the way. Alhamdulillah."

Those were the statements that I heard from two of my neighbours when we went outing together at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. We were talking about the uniqueness of our neighbourhood. I, myself have been here and there, from the South in Johor Bahru to the North in Pulau Pinang and ended in this blessed community last 10 years!  We started with an intermediate link house with 3 bedroooms and upgraded to a semi-detached house with 6 bedrooms. Alhamdulillah. I am so happy with what I have and even happier to be living here in RSSB neighbourhood.

The fact is that, whatever house you are living in, no matter if it is a  small little house, or a big house or an apartment with lavish services or just a low cost flats..... what makes the difference is your neighbourhood. What kind of neighbours do you have?  What kind of a neighbour are you?

Once, a friend told me how sad she was to have very unfriendly neighbours. They shared the same wall but they never speak to one another. Just imagine if one of them got sick or needed help? Another friend of my told me of her neighbour who is always bossy around, lots of complaining and carry tales! This made my friend become so depressed and she cried all the time. Some neighbours are very self centered ! I have never came across such neighbours...... well at least not as bad as those.

At a wedding.
Speaking about  neighbourhood, mine is very unique  indeed! Neighbours in Islam are those staying 40 houses in front of yours house, 40 house behind your house and 40 houses on the right and left of your house! There is more than 100 families in my neighbourhood with all races and ages. Most of the houses here are bungalows and a row of two storeys and three storeys semi-detatched houses. Majority are pensioners of different decipline and backgrounds. We have an ex-minister, state secretaries, policemen, army officers, MAS pilots, judges, lawyers, economists, politicins, educators, doctors, news editors, television producers, businessmen, engineers and all the professions under the sun that you can think of! Just like the Backstreet Boys Song says...I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me..... come to think of it, we, the RSSB neighbourhood is a country by ourselves.

Lawatan ke Floria 2013

The best part is we think and work together. Togetherness is what makes us so unique. No doubt we have our own says in any issues but we laid them in a meeting and everybody will support the decision! We contacted one another as frequent as we can through visiting, phone calls and recently through Whatsapp! So we can always keep up with the latest happenings in our neighbourhood. Not only news but we play games together! hahhahahahhah. Funny but it is true.....hahahhahhahha.
Sekitar lawatan ke Putrajaya.
On a boat ride in Putrajaya.

Neighbours who moved to other places are never forgotten. Whenever we have functions, they will also be invited and vice versa. That is how close we are!  Recently we were all invited to a wedding held by an ex-neighbour. It was fun to see many familiar faces in the same function!

Bertalaki di bawah bimbingan Ustaz Farhan.
Last two days was a girls' day out! 5 ladies including me, went outing to Nilai for lunch. This is nothing unusual but to go outing every now and then with your neighbours is something not done by many. But for us it is normal. When Putrajaya held the Flower Fest, we booked a 40 seater bus and visited the place . We made plans and programmes in such a way that everybody will be happy, satisfied  and will be looking forward for the next outing.

Melancong bersama.

In 2009, we isted Kuala Selangor and did a lot of activities for all ages. It was a weekend full of fun and adventure. Not only in Malaysia, we flew and sail together throughout the world. Last June, six of our neighbours and families took the Grand Mediterranean Cruise with the Norwegien Liners. They covered Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Next will be to the Baltics or Crossing the Panama Canal! And we are planning to make more and more trips together. Well, the nearest is to take our families to a beautiful resort in Lembah Temir in  Raub, Pahang. Should everything goes right, we will do it soon!
Sambutan hari ulangtahun kelahiran dwi bulanan.

That is how close my neighbours are. We plan, we implement and we work as one. To me that is very unique.... truly it is amazing. Thank you Allah for this beautiful gift. Alhamdulillah Allah bless us with all the best here in this neighbourhood!

ke Pulau Perhentian.

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