Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just another job......

My family
It started when I was still teaching...... last 20 years or so. Both my children, the apples of my eyes, my life and my strength went to the same school where I was teaching.  Can you imagine how my little ones will be behaving like those days? My son, Azman for instance, regarded the school as his because mum is there..... untouchable and ordering food and drinks for him and his friends as he wished at the school tuck shop. He will ask the operator to bill under me! I only knew this on the day I settled my bills.... Just imagine my eyes would look like when I saw the amount.... Oh My God!!!!!  My daughter Hana was he most active in sports. She has her own ways of getting things done. She is such a sport eventhough very timid. Hana is now a mother of two sons and still very actively involve in sports. She participated in marathon as far as Singapore.  How beautiful she has grown! Life have been treating her well. Alhamdulillah! 

Everyday we will go to school together, went shopping together and even got lost together...hahhahahhaha..... those were the days.  In other words, both my children are always with me...... and until today, we are still the same three stoogers whenever we were together! That is why my children and I are like friends. We can talk freely and openly on any topics but there is always a mum's say at the end of everything. Mother is Supeme!  I love this job......... hahhahhahha.

Since my children were in their primary school and my husband was always busy, part of my job beside everything was taking my son to the mosque every Friday to perform Solat Jumaat. His first taste was when he was seven years old and he is 27 now. How he has grown into a very fine, tall, lean and handsome young man! Believe it or not, I and still doing the sending, the waiting and the fetching on every Fridays. Only difference is that not only my son but my fully retired husband as well........ and me.... the same old me! But I am loving it....

Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, Bukit Jelutong
My passenger
Today is Friday the 5th of July 2013 and I am still doing the same old job. My son is not around so I  have only one passenger..... my husband. I drove him to a new mosque in Shah Alam,  Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah at Bukit Jelutong. Our Ustaz..... Haji Muhammad Farhan bin Wijaya who teaches us Talaqi AlQuran weekly at my home had just been promoted as the Head of Imam and Administrator to this RM25 million mosque. As for right now, I am listening to his reading of the Khutbah (sermon). 

Our Ustaz

My roomate and I
The Imam reminded everybody about the coming of the most waited month Ramadhan Al Mubarak.  He mentioned what we should do in order to upgrade and perfected our ibadah throughout this blessed month.  We should recite the Quran, visiting your parents (visit their graves if you have lost them), make more Sadakah, make more Wakaf, ask forgiveness for all our wrong doings towards others and many more.  We must make loads and loads of good deeds whenever we have the opportunity.  The best is to do things with your family. Everybody should take part. A practice for the young ones and it keeps the family bond bind like a glue.

Ramadhan al Mubarak the blessed month.

Ramadhan is the month when Allah will grant all your wishes. All the doors in Hell will be close and open all the doors of Heaven. It is a month full of forgiveness, love, hopes and wishes.

Anyway, anyhow, I am truly happy to be part of the Friday Prayers.  Why do I say so? Well Friday Prayers are ONLY compulsary for men and only Sunnah for the women.  I make dua for all the people that I love and care very much and they are my Husband, Children, Grandsons, Sibblings, Friends, Neighbours and fellow Malaysian.  May we all live in harmony forever.  InsyaAllah!
Allahu Akbar!

This write up was delayed due to technical problem.  It is another Friday tomorrow!  How time flies! I will be on duty again tomorrow and more Fridays to come.......Alhamdulillah!