Saturday, December 21, 2013

I wish......

"Mak, I am collecting food and all kinds of neccessities for the flood victims in Pahang.  I  am looking for people who wants to help by sponsoring.  Do you think people will respond?"

That was the question she asked me before she and her friends  started to blast the news in their Facebook, Watsapp and other media.

Alhamdulillah,  as expected, aids came from all over. Loads of food, cleaning detergents, diapers for babies, cloathing for all ages, blankets, pillows, mattresses for babies and adults..... just name it!  One came up with sponsoring the transportations for carrying the goods to destination. Amazing!

After two weeks of collecting, on the 18th of December 2013, my daughter Hana, her husband Muhammad A'sim with a group of 16 , drove in four 4WD followed by 2 lorries towards Pekan, Pahang. 

Upon reaching, they unloaded everything from the lorries and started to divide as much as they can equally to be given to the victims. They got help from the locals but most of the jobs were done by themselves.... the 16 of them. It must have been very tiring for them but those victims comes in the picture first..... everything else were pushed aside!
On second day, after the first distribution, my daughter called me. I knew that she was in tears when she explained how bad things were out there. How much the victims lost their belongings, the state of their homes with no food .....  she said, she felt so greatful to Allah for giving her all the goodness and rezeki in life.  Masyallah....... I felt good when my daughter said that. She had to see it to feel it !  Where else, I had to face it to feel it! hahahhahhha. 

When I was young, most of my life were in  Padang Kubu, Kemaman, Terengganu. It was 1971 and that was the worst ever flood in history. The water level was as high as the tip of the lamp post! Many lost their lives. I remembered two of my neighbours got swept away.  Food were flown in by the TUDM helicopter. To me as a child at that time, fear was number 100. Joy comes first!  Monsoon season means, no schools, running in the rain, eating Ubi Rebus with Sambal Tumis and doing all the things that we like, as we like! hahahhaha. My arwah Mak and arwah Abah must have had a hell of a time during raining season with all their children at home!  We never knew that we were short of food because porridge served with ikan kering or telur asin is served everyday. To us that is delicacy but just imagine the feelings of my late parents. We never complained because to us that was life. We took it as it was. How I missed those days. Al Fatehah to both my parents who had to sacrificed everything to keep the family together.

I wish I am as strong as I used to be so I can lend my hands to help the needys like my daughter did. But it is impossible because is she is there, I have to be here  I have to take care of her children..... my two little dinosaurs, A'mmar and Aa'fi! I considered it as a lending of hand too... hahahhha. I hope and pray to Allah that the raining season will stop soon so the people can move on with their life. 


As for my daughter and my son-in-law, I am so very proud of  both of them and I hope that many more young men and women take the opportunity to do the same.  I knew that many already did. Keep up the good job and  with the right intention!  A very big thank you to all who sponsored.  May Allah bless you all with more rezeki and good health. For the victims, stop feeling sorry and angry. This is not caused by humans but a little reminder from Allah Subhanahu Wataala.  He knows what is BEST for all of us. Be greatful that aids comes from throughout the country. You are not alone..... you are never left alone.  The goverment is doing the best to help. So be patient!  If you think you have lost everything, think of others who lost their family members! Remember that there are always people who faced  worst scenario than yours. Help is on the way. Good luck!