Monday, May 30, 2016


 Up until today, we have been driving for 1587.7 kilomteres and it is our fifth day! Yesterday we left Ban Tattuk Resort in Surat Thani and moving towards Ban Sa Phan.

We stopped by a wet market to get some ingredients for our upcoming meals. Very cheap indeed. Large sizes shrimps costs us half the price.  Varieties of vegetables and fish with very reasonable prices can be found here. Both Norliah and I had to remind one another not to go overboard! hahahahhahahha.

On our way, we stopped by a district called Chumphon. Many Muslims can be found here. The RnR in Chumphon catered a part of their food court for Muslims and even built a surau........ and guess what, they use Bahasa Melayu in the signage even though the spelling is a bit out but the one written in Jawi is correct.  They have rows and rows of toilets but amazingly you do not smell anything! How did they do it? What technology are they using? Simply amazing.

Surau di RnR Chumphon.

Rows of very clean toilets.

We had late lunch and packed some so we do not have to prepare dinner. We have driven for almost 3 hours from Ratchaprapa Dam to Chumphon and   2 more hours to reach our next destintion...Ban Sa Phan.

Looked so inviting but those are inner organs.

Lucky us for this lady speaks some Bahasa Melayu.

Muslim food court.

Halal cakes and munchies .

Muslim food stalls.

Now you see it!

Damage is done

Norliah enjoying her food.

A Muslim coffee corner.

 We arrived in Ban Sa Phan quite late. Looking hi and lo for a suitable place to stay and at last we found Ban Sa Phan Resort. Nothing fancy but rooms are spacious, clean and cheap! THB 500 per room..... and they have wi fi!  What more can you ask for?

Beautiful sunset when we left Chumphon.

Have a good rest people. Long way to drive tomorrow.....