Saturday, February 4, 2017

Silence and tears....

You were once up there,
High high up
That I can't reach you
Not that it was impossible 
Too many road blocks
I just can't reach you
Ooooh.... how I wished I could
Then something happened
They took your love away
Away from the system
Away from all
It  must have been hard for you
I pity you
I really do

Last I heared he came back
They let him go
You are one again
I was so happy for you

But... not for long
Someone else followed him
You felt betrayed
I can't blame you
I understood... I really do

Then we bumped 
Our eyes met
We hugged
We cried
We hugged again...
Wouldn't want to let go
Let the silence did the talking....
Nobody uttered a word
But the tears showed the hurt
You did recognise me
You did remember me

At last I managed to reach you
You looked good
Much much better
Keep it up
Lead a happy life
Let bygone be bygone
All will be well
We'll meet again

.....Specially dedicated to Ara.....
 a long lost friend!

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