Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oldest TURTLE.....a comrade!

Let's ponder.... for just a while. think about ourselve. Where we were, our past, our present, our future...... 

No human can tell what's going to happen, whom we are going to meet, who will make us laugh, hurt, cry and so on. None! it is all fated......only Allah knows!

Further back in May 4th 1981 ( it was my birthday), was the day my friends and I whom we call ourselves TURTLES came together in Maktab Perguruan Kuala Terengganu, Batu Rakit, Terengganu. we were the teacher trainees and how naif we were back then.

We were the first batch for this college because it was newly opened. Wow!! Every corner and nooks and furnitures and everything smell so fresh and new! Unfortunate or lucky for us because there were nobody called the SENIORS to bully us! We were totally on our own lead by 5 lecturers, a Principal and 3 office staffs.....

Batu Rakit back then was very quiet.....a few villages surrounded , a primary school right in front....public transport....do not ask!
So, most of the time, we Turtles will gathered together  enjoying each other's company, talking, teasing and singing. Were were like brothers and sisters....that was and still is the kind of bond we had. We just sat on the grass, at the corridor, the curb and when we have extra money, we went for Teh Tarik Session at Warung Pok Pin which is situated opposite the entrance.

Nothing fancy, no specialties, simply nothing BUT Pok Pin the owner made us visit his warung almost everyday! Being youngsters, we were quite naughty. Sometime we ordered 4 glasses of drinks but paid for 3 and so on! The Keropok Lekor and Mee Goreng tasted like the best on earth because we have no choice. The BEST always come  from Warung Pok Pin.

Last year, we attended a wedding in Kuala  Terengganu. We paid Pok Pin a surprise visit. He looked old and gray but that man behaved the same, calm, quiet.......just like he was thirty over years ago.... He was puzzled to see so many cars stopped by his warung and when we told him who we were, Pok Pin cried. The tears brought tears in our eyes too. He was so happy that we still remembered him and came to visit him. he was so touched. Each and everyone of us chip in some money and we managed to collect quite a lot. We handed it to the old man and asked forgiveness for being naughty towards him. He just smile and told us how he had to stay up late at night just for us to finish out Teh Tarik, Teh O Beng and so on. He said that he simply love us very much eventhough we misbehaved. Hahahhahhha.... He and thanked us for visiting him. He said HALAL for the past unpaid meals! Alhamdulillah..... we owe him no more money but we will always cherish the way he treated us like his own children. Thank you Pok Pin. We will never forgt you.

Last week, we got  news regarding Pok Pin from his son. He who is 78 years old now, for the first time in his entire life was rushed to Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu because he complained short of breath. We all made dua for Pok Pin to get well soon. Turtles in Kuala Terengganu already visited him. He looked better and he smiled when our Turtle comrade Titina told him who she is and Pok Pin sent his salam to all of  us.

It is fated  that we met and we make dua you will get well soon Pok Pin. Officially you are not a TURTLE but now you are. You are our oldest comrade!

We will visit you again. InsyaAllah.